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AI helps Talanx with recruitment

The insurance company Talanx now has a computer rather than a person listen to job applicants. The idea is to have artificial intelligence (AI) do in only minutes what psychologists need days to do: select managerial staff.

25 Apr. 2018 David Schahinian
Source: Precire
Source: Precire

The "Handelsblatt" newspaper reports that the algorithm's personality assessments are more than 90% the same as after days of psychological testing in expensive assessment centers. Talanx Software uses software by the Aachen startup Precire , which claims to be an innovation leader in speech analysis technology. The applicant phones a computer and tells it, for example, what he or she considers to be a perfect day. The program is, however, used only for preselection. According to the "Handelsblatt" newspaper, the Frankfurt airport company Fraport is also using it as a voluntary component of a development program.

The method is a type of robo-recruiting, which uses big data, algorithms and other technological innovations to optimize the selection of personnel. A study conducted by the FH Westküste confirms that autonomous evaluation can achieve results that are comparable to preselection by people. One tool and 242 personnel managers evaluated the CVs of applicants in the study. While selections made by computer and humans did not always match well, the authors of the study see this as due to the human evaluators' limited objectivity.