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Sierra Leone votes via blockchain

The West-African country safeguarded the results of its presidential elections via blockchain. Several other countries are working on similar systems to make their elections easier and more secure.

17 Apr. 2018 Roland Freist
Source: Agora Technologies
Source: Agora Technologies

During the presidential elections on March 7, 2018, the western, more populated part of Sierra Leone registered its votes in a blockchain . On the one hand, this reduced the number of errors during counting, and on the other, the results were available much faster than in earlier elections. The technology was installed by Swiss foundation Agora , developer of a digital voting system. The foundation believes that present voting systems are too slow, too expensive and too prone to tampering.

Currently, a number of other countries are planning to safeguard election results using blockchain technology. For its elections on May 8, 2018, the American state of West Virginia will use blockchain to allow members of the military stationed abroad an easy, secure way to vote. In this case, the technology comes from Boston-based company Voatz . Brazil, Estonia, Denmark, South Korea and Switzerland are all also working on e-voting systems secured via blockchain.