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Digital Public Administration

Practical IT applications for the public sector

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges in modern public administration, necessitating robust digitization processes for the entire public sector. Implemented properly, digitization will deliver significant medium-term gains in the form of more efficient public-sector processes and improved services for individual and corporate citizens.

16 Apr. 2018
Digitale Verwaltung

-Training forum and interaction with new applications, courtesy of
-Mach and Materna to present on top CEBIT themes
-Blockchain, chatbots, AI and VR for municipalities
-mps public systems ushering in new era in municipal finance
-New: Public Administration Ticket for €50

To give these important matters the exposure they merit, the re-launched CEBIT will feature a fresh, new showcase entitled "Digital Administration". Located in Hall 14 in the d!conomy section of CEBIT, Digital Administration is a broad-based platform ranging in scope from solutions and application examples for eGovernment portals to profiles of current best practices for smart cities and regions.

Debuting at CEBIT:

The German municipal digitization specialist GFKD AG (Gesellschaft für kommunale Digitalisierung AG) will debut at the upcoming CEBIT with a showcase named after its brand, (German for ""), and featuring a forum titled In association with leading digital industry partners, GKFD will present an array of holistic, innovative solutions and developments in a way that will enable visitors to experience the workings of digital municipal administration first-hand and gain key insight into tomorrow's digital society. In the course of over 30 lectures and discussion panels, experts from government, science and business will present innovative concepts and best practices that municipal administrative organizations can use to ready themselves for the digital future. The focus will be on giving municipal public sector users tools they can use to digitize their operations.

"We are presenting our offerings at CEBIT because the Hall 14 showcase is ideal for profiling the opportunities of digitization in municipal public administration in a way that is immediate and compelling," said GFKD Managing Director Martin Schmiedel. "We are also very pleased to be staging ‘' − a 350-square-meter forum where we will be presenting innovations for Germany's municipal sector. A key focus will be on giving people the power to shape their own digital future," he added.

In conjunction with the "" platform, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) will partner with the German Association for Municipal Administration Management (KGSt) and GFKD to run an ideas pitch on digital transformation in municipalities called "" on 15 June. The organizers are currently calling for submissions. The best ideas will be selected for participation in the pitch. Further information (in German only) is available here.

New: "" professional development forum

GFKD is also partnering with Experience Research & Consulting to run professional development workshops for visitors from the public and municipal sectors. The workshops are an opportunity for participants to pick up new ideas for digital transformation and kickstart specific solutions for their own cities and towns.

The organizers are planning to run workshops on a range of topics, including implementation strategies for blockchain processes, advisory and research support for urban development projects, development and evaluation of AI systems, and support for change management. The forum will be held in a dedicated workshop area in the d!talk section of Hall 14.

Intelligent chatbots for citizens and government

Intelligent chatbots are playing an increasingly important part in e-government. They can be deployed across all digital channels as an automated first point of contact for individuals and companies seeking information on government services. Potential applications include communicating general and administrative information, and implementing administrative processes such as organizing meetings, registering changes of address and arranging personalized car registration plates. A case in point is GovBot, an intuitive solution developed for the German e-government sector by publicplan GmbH. Once integrated into Germany's "Government Site Builder" content management system and its "LIP" federal government form management system, GovtBot can use editorial content such as articles, videos and images and process requests for information filed by individuals and businesses.

publicplan's cooperation partner Maternal GmbH will also be at the "Digital Administration" showcase, where it will provide information on the use and implementation of chatbots as a way of streamlining communication between citizens and government agencies. Materna provides a full range of services for customers seeking to implement chatbot technologies, including onboarding workshops, dialog structures and content creation, right through to advice on technology selection and operational support.

Digitization fitness check

At its CEBIT showcase, MACH AG will focus on the question of how best to get public administrative organizations ready for digitization. In keeping with its motto that digitized organizations can "move mountains", MACH will run a digitization fitness check in which participants can go on "summit tours" that will take them through several fitness "camps": eAdministration, ePersonnel, eFinance and Process Management. The tours will enable representatives of public sector institutions to plan the shortest, quickest routes to digitization outcomes characterized by intelligent data management and optimized processes. MACH AG will also use its showcase to explain the added value that public sector institutions can derive from forward-looking technologies like artificial intelligence, automated reality and virtual reality.

From 1 to 2 p.m. on CEBIT Tuesday (12 June), MACH CEO Rolf Sahre will take the Expert Stage in Hall 14 to participate in a panel discussion titled "Personnel management in public administration: Choosing the right strategy for a better future." On Thursday, 14 June, from 12:50 to 1:10 p.m., the company's CTO, Sebastian Wenzky, and its Director of Sales DMS and eGovernment, Thorben Ehlers, will give a presentation titled "Digitalizing government – Future vision or current reality? How to eliminate mountains of paper with smart eGovernment".

Ushering in a new era in municipal finance

mps public solutions gmbh is currently developing "K1", an innovative municipal finance system that will deliver greater ease of use and functionality to all municipal, business and institutional users. K1 is a collaborative project in which users are invited to contribute their own ideas.

At 11:30 a.m. on 13 June, mps public solutions will stage its "K1 Go-live" at stand J58 in Hall 14. "We are totally sold on the new CEBIT format. So much so, in fact, that we have decided to stage the market launch of K1 during this year's show, thereby ushering in a new era in municipal finance," explained director Dr. Tino Wagner.

New CEBIT format well received

DATABUND, an association that represents the interests of SME-scale providers of IT and software solutions to the public sector, will be back at CEBIT this year with several of its member organizations. "We really believe in the new CEBIT format. It is the perfect platform for solutions for digital public administration and provides new forums for innovation and communication," said Executive Board Chairman Detlef Sander. "The new CEBIT has what it takes to show the way forward in many areas, including solutions for the challenges of digitizing public administration and for Germany's nationwide eGovernment program," he added.

IT Planning Council to showcase user-friendly citizen services

Germany's federal IT and eGovernment policy coordination body, the IT Planning Council, will once again be running a group display at the upcoming CEBIT. Public administration professionals and digitization experts from federal and state government will use the display to present current developments in digital citizen and business services. As part of this showcase in Hall 14, the states of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia will profile various solutions at their own group pavilions along with key solution providers, including Alcatel-Lucent.

Perfect setting for CEBIT "Digital Administration" platform

"Digital Administration" is not the only Hall 14 showcase dealing with the digitization of municipal government. There will also be several partner events on the subject. For example, at the North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein "Municipalities Day" events and the open meeting of the Innovator's Club, senior representatives from government and business will discuss the challenges of digital transformation in municipalities and present strategies for making cities smarter.

The "Digital Administration" platform's prime, high-traffic location is also due to its close proximity to the "Digital Business" showcase and the resulting synergies with the latter's "Data Management & Digital Processes" and "Workspace 4.0 & Collaboration" display areas.

New: Public Administration Ticket for visitors from the public sector

The organizers of CEBIT are offering a special €50 CEBIT 2018 admission ticket for employees of public-sector authorities and agencies. The Public Administration Ticket is a full-event ticket, valid for all days of CEBIT. It is available only to holders of valid public sector employee ID cards or other proof of entitlement issued by public-sector employers.


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