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EU to promote artificial intelligence

The European Commission is planning a comprehensive European initiative focused on artificial intelligence (AI) to help make its member states more competitive in this sector.

11 Apr. 2018 David Schahinian
Source: European Commission
Source: European Commission

This is the finding of a leaked draft memo that was reported on by , among other agencies. According to , starting in 2019 a charter for AI ethics will be established to deal with aspects such as the future of work, fairness and security. In this context, the EU Machinery Directive is being reviewed to check for necessary amendments.

The EU Commission is also initiating an "AI on demand" platform to give the economy – primarily SMEs – easy access to AI resources in Europe, claims The Commission also wants to reinforce an open data approach and give out even more data from public administration. According to the report, several AI excellence centers and digital innovation hubs are in the pipeline, backed by investments of 350 million euros. Finally, an AI observatory will analyze the progress of the learning systems, including the results.

The initiative will be officially presented on April 25, 2018. Until then, changes may be made to the now public version. Work on the ethics standards , in contrast, has already begun. Currently, the EU continues to look for members for an expert group on the topic of artificial intelligence.