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New sharpshooting drills

A newly founded American company wants to revolutionize the development of geothermal energy and tunneling with a new type of rock drill. Google is evidently interested in participating.

23 Mar. 2018 Roland Freist
Source: HyperSciences
Source: HyperSciences

Founded in 2015, Hypersciences has developed a new type of rock drill. Externally similar to the previously used models, it is hollow inside, and so resembles a cannon with a drill thread. The drill shoots concrete projectiles onto the surface. Hypersciences uses a mixture of air and diesel gas as a propellant. The projectiles reach a speed of Mach 5 or higher. The name Hypersciences is derived from the term hypersonic. Upon impact, the bullet blows up, but also breaks up the rock in front of it, so that the drill progresses faster. According to an IEEE Spectrum technical report , the drill can fire several rounds per minute, making it up to ten times faster than conventional systems.

Hypersciences aims primarily at faster and cheaper development of geothermal energy. At the same time, the company is also working on a tunnel-boring machine. Founder and CEO Mark Russell also told IEEE Spectrum that his company is currently negotiating with Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The Group founded Dandelion Energy last year to develop and sell geothermal systems.