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The first wind-powered data center is up and running

The WestfalenWind company and its project partners are running a computer node and data repository from a wind power station in Lichtenau, in the district of Paderborn.

13 Mar. 2018 David Schahinian
Source: WestfalenWIND IT
Source: WestfalenWIND IT

The Windcores project should make the computing power more sustainable and economic, dovetailing the creation of renewable energy and the increase in energy demand that has come with digitization. Power is then used directly at the location where it is generated, along with the existing infrastructures. According to manufacturer information, this will reduce energy costs by up to 15 cent per kilowatt hour. As the "Neue Westfälische" newspaper reports, the server center will be supplied by 90% wind power.

Four fireproof IT safety cabinets are housed in the base of the reinforced concrete tower of the wind power station in a field close to Lichtenau, in the district of Paderborn. The data is protected against electromagnetism and unauthorized access. Scaling is possible through the networking of several different wind cores. The concept, which was explained in detail by the project partner, DTR Group on MittelstandsWiki , is registered for patent. The University of Paderborn is the first lessee and client.

Clever solutions for the increasing thirst for energy are undoubtedly necessary: According to the calculations of the Borderstep Institute , the demand for the data centers in Germany is 12.4 billion kWh per year. Data center expert Dr. Ralph Hintemann foresees a global increase of more than 60% in the need for data center energy in the next ten years.