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Software Architecture & Development

Company culture hampers security

A survey has shown that German companies should also rethink their approach to software development: The lack of cooperation between those responsible for development, operation and security often leads to problems.

12 Mar. 2018 David Schahinian
Source: Freeform Dynamics Ltd.
Source: Freeform Dynamics Ltd.

As part of the study carried out by CA Technologies , over 1,200 IT managers around the world were interviewed, 466 of whom came from six European countries. 86% of those surveyed believe that software development is one of the main driving forces behind digital transformation. But at the same time, 61% see a growing threat as a result of gaps in security. Nevertheless: 96% of German companies claim they want security to feature more prominently in the software development process. "However, there is still a huge gap between rhetoric and reality," according to CA Technologies. Security is a key component of the process for just 30% of those surveyed.

When questioned about obstacles to implementing security measures, most of those who took part in the survey mentioned time pressure and a lack of skills. Surprisingly, 61% also felt that the existing company culture represented a significant stumbling block when it came to implementing security measures. Only 21% of those surveyed believed that the cooperation between development, operation and security was working well at their company. According to the authors of the study, it is necessary to have an environment where the IT teams can cooperate better and react faster.

One option for more agile work could be low-code platforms, as described by Thomas Peham, Marketing Manager at the start-up Usersnap, at . These work with visual design tools that make it possible to create applications more quickly with significantly less source code. Forrester Research predicted a growth of 15.5 billion US Dollars for this market in the year 2020, Peham continues.