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Communication & Networks

5G mobilizes port of Hamburg

Together with project partner Hamburg Port Authority, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have brought a test field for the coming 5G mobile network in operation, spread over roughly 8000 hectares of port area.

19 Feb. 2018 Dirk Bongardt
Source: Telekom
Source: Telekom

The research project in Hamburg port focuses on 5G applications in an industrial context. Developers are also looking to wirelessly control traffic light systems within the port and to capture and process environmental data in real time. Virtual reality applications will also help to better monitor potentially critical infrastructures, such as locks and construction sites. To meet these very different challenges with a single network, Telekom and Nokia are applying a "network slicing" method that splits the 5G network into separate virtual networks. This type of network is being tested under real industrial conditions for the first time in Germany at the port of Hamburg.

The establishment of a 5G network plays a central role in the European Union’s plans for digitization. Higher transfer rates in particular will provide key technologies such as the Internet of Things with their breakthrough. But many experts only see 5G as a transitional technology: Researchers from the Fraunhofer-Institut are already working on even faster successor technologies.