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Workplace Ecosystem

Dortmund offers new digitization courses

Not everything revolves around soccer in Dortmund: the mega topic of digitization has inspired the local university of applied sciences and even the theater to offer practical new educational programs.

13 Feb. 2018 Isabelle Reiff
Source: Edi Szekely
Scene from "4.48 Psychose" at Dortmund's theater (Source: Edi Szekely)

Digitization is becoming state of the art in more and more areas of work, including at the theater. Kay Voges, Dortmund’s theater manager, is now launching an academy for digitization and the performing arts. The first workshops are already scheduled to start in early summer, on the basis of which a master’s program and a scholarship system for research work will be created. Voges, who has received several awards for his innovative, multimedia productions, expects that stage designs will soon only be tested in augmented reality (AR). According to Voges, stagehands need appropriate training .

The Dortmund University of Applied Sciences also wants to provide knowledge transfer and qualifications for digitization. The new Digital Technologies degree program started in time for the 2017/2018 winter semester. The six-semester Bachelor’s program is project-oriented in order to teach students about network technology, IoT, data security and not least, social implications in a practical way. The degree program is closely interlinked with the FH Institute for the Digitization of Working and Living Worlds (IDiAL) , which was founded last year. The institute conducts research in the fields of automotive software, cyber physical systems and social platforms.