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Artificial Intelligence

Driving the future

While unveiling the first autonomous vehicle from a future 100-car test fleet, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently offered an insight into the artificial intelligence of tomorrow.

02 Feb. 2018
intel KI
intel KI

In the past, it was first and foremost war that drove technological developments, but these days more peaceful passions are fueling progress, too. One example is the push toward mobility, with engineers and technicians throughout the world competing to deliver solutions that are both convenient and safe. Nowhere are the advances in artificial intelligence as rapid and vivid for everyone than in autonomous driving. One of the key players in this technological contest is Intel, the world-leading manufacturer of semiconductors. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently gave a clear insight into how data is changing the world around us and technical innovations are driving the future - from autonomous driving and artificial intelligence to virtual reality and immersive media.

Among other things, Krzanich announced that automakers BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen will be fitting their new models with digital maps based on Intel's Mobileye technology. To expand the production of digital maps to include China, new partnerships are being formed with SAIC Motor and Navinfo. Artificial intelligence is also the focus of the new partnership with Ferrari North America. Ferrari is looking to use Intel's AI platform to generate information directly from the racetrack both for drivers and fans. With its newly established Intel Studios, Intel is also keen to develop its activities in immersive media. To this end, Krzanich announced that the company is working with Paramount to harness immersive media for visual storytelling. "Data is going to introduce social and economic changes that we see perhaps once or twice in a century," says Krzanich. "It will be the creative force behind the innovations of the future. Data is going to redefine how we experience life - in our work, in our homes, how we travel, and how we enjoy sports and entertainment."


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