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Algorithms lighten HR workload

Robot recruiting has long been used in staffing. Until now, the algorithms focused on searching for matching candidates online. Now, they carry out initial interviews or even create personality profiles.

25 Jan. 2018 Isabelle Reiff

Goodbye CV, hello chatbot – at Telekom, applicants first speak to software capable of questioning countless aspirants simultaneously and that has no issue with single word or even direct questions about introductory salaries. This makes submitting a CV unnecessary. Proponents emphasize that the technology would do away with prejudices.

With written texts, Personality Insights , an IBM Watson application, can now assess the applicant’s character based on the so-called five factor model, a personality test used worldwide that analyzes specific terms to draw conclusions on character traits.

The language analysis application from Aachen-based company Precire listens to spoken text and can even determine emotional states, analyze lingual abnormalities and identify mental stress. A team of psychologists, linguists and data analysists established the software database: 5500 subjects were analyzed using various psychological tests. Together with the voice samples, these results serve as comparison parameters.