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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence wises up through video training

Objects in photos can already be recognized fairly reliably by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Now a new training program is intended to improve their capabilities with moving images.

18 Jan. 2018 Roland Freist

For artificial intelligence (AI) engines to be able to identify what is happening in videos, they require training: they need to detect the part of the video frame where the key event is taking place and understand what that event is. Scientists at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and IBM Research AI have now compiled a training program to achieve this, called “Moments in Time” . It consists of one million three-second extracts from movies, TV shows and amateur videos which developers can feed into their AI systems. The full dataset can be ordered on the website.

A demo version shows an AI finding and labeling the actions in a number of videos. The next step could be an AI interpreting and reacting to these as well – perhaps for applications in autonomous vehicles.

“Moments in Time” is not the first video collection for training AI systems. Last year already saw Google unveil the “YouTube-8M Dataset” , which classified millions of YouTube videos into 4716 categories. The dataset of video links is available free of charge as a TensorFlow file and covered by a Creative Commons 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0) .