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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence reaches the dashboard

The Byton Concept electric SUV is a true digital multi-talent, not just running on electricity but boasting an abundance of artificial intelligence. Time will tell whether it's suitable for driving.

19 Jan. 2018
BYTON Concept car

We live in eventful times, both in terms of global politics and technology. A development is underway that mirrors what we saw around two decades ago in photography. Who at the right moment sees the shape of things to come and backs the right horse? While a global player such as Kodak has been left ruined by the technological revolution, companies such as Canon and Nikon have emerged unscathed. Previously unimportant suppliers in the sector, such as Sony, have risen to the top - but the real winners are the innovative newcomers who, as with GoPro, have opened up completely new photographic areas and enjoyed great success as a result. Now a comparable process is taking place in the automotive industry.

While the established suppliers are sending out very different signals about how seriously they're taking this process - and frequently seem hesitant - young companies that have often only just been founded are driving forward developments. Although up to now it's mainly been Tesla that has successfully blazed a new trail, other names have also recently come on board. The newly unveiled Byton Concept electric SUV from China's Future Mobility Corporation (FMC) is the shape of the future. When it reaches the road, as planned, it won't just be electric and completely autonomous - it will also be packed with many other digital gadgets based on artificial intelligence. On a 1.25-meter screen across the dashboard, the Byton Concept displays all the information supplied by today's sensors and databases. The vehicle recognizes its drivers, learns their preferences and communicates on practically an equal footing. Will this digital intelligence be just as witty as KITT was toward Michael Knight? But even more importantly - what will the sector be like for automotive manufacturers in 20 years' time?


Future Mobility Corporation (85737 Ismaning, Germany)