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Digitale Transformation

What do a team of builders and Berlin have in common?

They are all creating a home for the future. Whereas builders focus on the physical properties, people who want to shape the future are looking for a space for lively discussion, creative workshops and visionary ideas - somewhere like the Futurium in Berlin.

03 Jan. 2018

A stage of the future, a museum of the future, a lab of the future and a forum of the future all at once, the concept of the Futurium was presented in detail at CeBIT in 2017 - the trade fair where the future truly begins. Set to open in Berlin in spring 2019, the Futurium will feature an exhibition of "living" scenarios, a hands-on lab, and an interdisciplinary event and discussion forum.

In his end of year address, Futurium Director Stefan Brand reflected on two major milestones celebrated in recent months. "We had the ceremonial handover of keys for the Futurium's completed building on 13 September and the Open House on 16 September," he said. "At the latter event we were joined by 15,000 visitors! This huge interest has surprised and, of course, delighted us. It is reasonable to presume that, beyond all the fears and anxieties conjured up in people's minds by the future, there are still many out there who are curious about different possible futures and the shapes they might take." The initiators are committed to making the Futurium a place where debates about different "futures" - and yes, the plural is intentional. The idea is to offer a variety of ways to approach the overarching question of "How do you want to live?" As well as a museum of the future, where options for the future are presented in an extensive exhibition and put up for discussion, the Futurium is also designed as a laboratory of the future, providing a large space for experimenting, exploring and participating in the Futurium Lab.


Futurium gGmbH (D-10117 Berlin)