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Digitale Transformation

Digitization fuels existential fears

One in four companies believes its own existence is threatened by digitization, and only one in five invests in the development of digital business models. These are the findings of a representative survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

12 Dec. 2017
Source: Bitkom

Increased competition with companies from the IT industry on the one hand, and only slow and reluctant digitization on the other: these are the main problems facing German companies, according to the survey by Bitkom Research.

While 86% of respondents tend to see opportunities rather than risks in digitization, there is an enormous discrepancy between the technologies that companies find highly relevant to competitiveness and their investment in those same technologies: for example, only 2% of companies use blockchain technology, although over 50% consider it "particularly relevant."

Michael Rasch, partner and digital-transformation leader at the tax and management consultancy PwC, also confirmed increasing competitive pressure in an interview : "It is a lot easier for startups to enter the market today. Thanks to new technologies such as cloud computing, they need much less seed capital. On the one hand, this increases global competition; on the other, it increases the pace of innovation."

In his view, there is a clear gap between the different industries. He believes media companies are already significantly further ahead with digitization than, for example, the majority of machine manufacturers.

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