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Augmented Reality

AR a little differently: Hololamp works without a headset

Hololamp bring augmented reality right to your desktop. Without using a headset or smartphone display.

02 Feb. 2017 Kim Rixecker

Hololamp: Innovative augmented reality solution

Hololamp Augmented reality
Hololamp: The current prototype does not look quite as slick as in this picture. (Photo: Hololamp)

Augmented reality most often greets us in the form of smartphone apps, where the camera focuses on an object that is then displayed together with digital objects. Beyond that are headsets such as Microsoft's Hololens . Now the French startup Hololamp has developed another way to combine the real and digital worlds.

Hololamp uses a projector to display 3D objects directly on a table or another surface. Although the projection itself is two-dimensional, the 3D objects displayed can be viewed from various angles. And the Hololamp monitors your movements to adapt the projection to your point of view. The disadvantage of this system: 3D display works for only one person at a time.

Hololamp: Developer version to be financed through crowdfunding

The creators of the Hololamp already presented a functioning prototype at CES 2017 . The French company wants to use a crowdfunding campaign for the next steps, and give developers access to the first series version of the augmented reality device.

No date for the crowdfunding campaign has yet been announced. The exact price is also unknown. But we do already know that the Hololamp will be delivered together with a SDK for 3D engine Unity, and 3D chess software.

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