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An overview of the Blockchain ecosystem

It is getting harder and harder to keep an overview of the booming Blockchain world. This concise chart may help with that.

03 Nov. 2017 Source: t3n Kim Rixecker

Blockchain Boom: Market gets ever more confusing

It feels as if a new Blockchain start-up is springing up almost every day. Seen in perspective, it is of course not quite so dramatic as that, but there is in fact an enormous boom in the area. For that reason, it is also increasingly more difficult to hold onto an overview.

Joshua Nussbaum, of the New York venture capital firm Compound, is now seeking to provide a remedy. To that end, he has presented the Blockchain ecosystem in the form of a clearly laid out chart.

An overview of the Blockchain ecosystem. (Chart: Joshua Nussbaum / Compound)

For the sake of simplicity, he has divided projects into eight categories. A number of these, like cryptocurrencies, developer tools, authenticity, Fintech or even Other, are to some extent self-explanatory. With others, however, the breakdown becomes a little more unclear – especially since a number of projects in the Sovereignty or Value Exchange categories in theory would probably have fit into other categories as well. But thanks to the sub-categories chosen, the chart nonetheless offers a good and somewhat easily understandable overview of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Anyone wishing to delve into this chart in greater detail can also have a look at this article by Nussbaum, in which he explains the individual categories through the use of examples.