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An envoy from the kingdom of Denmark goes to the court of Facebook

Is this the future of international politics? Denmark wants to be the first country in the world to assign a Digital Ambassador, who will maintain relations with multinational tech corporations such as Apple, Facebook and Google.

07 Feb. 2017
König Statue Dänemark Botschafter
King Christian X, King of Denmark 1912 - 1947. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The idea isn’t that absurd. The large internet corporations have been influential in many countries for a long time, in terms of economic strength as well as politics and everyday life. "These companies have become a sort of new nation", said Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen to Danish newspaper . They say that the new position will be a diplomatic breakthrough reflecting the shift in power between states and large private companies. The Digital Ambassador will not initially be given any employees for support, but will be in contact with the Foreign Office. One of the goals is to make Denmark look more attractive to investors.

Just a few days before came the news that Facebook wants to invest over USD 100 million in a data center in Odense in Denmark . Germany has already had a Digital Ambassador, Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost , since July 2014, but her and her colleagues’ role is a bit different: they are to act as a connection between the European Digital Agenda and the respective member states.