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Digital Office - ECM / Input / Output

An end to magically disappearing documents!

A Finnish company from Tampere has developed a visionary new approach to intelligent information management that is destined to shake up the world of ECM, and it is bringing its brainchild to CeBIT.

26 Jan. 2017
M-Files Trendspots

No matter how refined your digital data storage and registry system, the document in question always seems to go missing just when you need it at your fingertips - then all hell breaks loose trying to finding it. What format is it in? Who worked on it last? Where was it saved? But now, thanks to Finnish ECM specialist M-Files, workers no longer have to worry about the boss drumming his fingers on the desk or pointing at the clock. The company is heading to Hannover to show how it aims to help enterprises find, share and protect documents and information - even in highly regulated industries.

The intelligent metadata layer created by M-Files developers is based on a visionary approach to information management. From now on, it will no longer matter which system was used to produce the information or where it was stored. M-Files organizes and manages documents according to their value and importance instead of their "external attributes". This is done by integrating M-Files into numerous business applications (such as CRM and ERP systems) to achieve the required functionality and flexibility of use. Needless to say, the new system also meets stringent data security requirements, for example with its simple allocation procedure for access rights. M-Files should even overcome the greatest obstacle to implementing a new system, user acceptance, with its intuitive operation, easy access from all kinds of programs - and because it does what it says on the packet!