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Mobile Solutions

An electromagnetic field is all it takes to create a charging station

Researchers around the world are trying to figure out how to provide smart devices with contactless, "through the air" power. It has been found that pulsating magnetic fields are especially well-suited for transmitting large wattages.

21 Mar. 2017
Disney Wireless Power Transfer

The research department at Disney has been working on the concept of a magnetic field space to develop a way to wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously. Calculations indicate that up to 1.9 kW can be transmitted within such a space. This kind of charging technology would be useful, for example, at train stations or airports – or wherever there are lots of people who all need power at the same time for their smartphones and laptops. In addition, the magnetic field must not cause any bodily harm.

Marin Soljačić, a physicist and electrical engineer at MIT, already patented a technology a few years ago that can transmit electricity over short distances using coupled magnetic fields. The energy is transferred on specific frequencies that are calibrated to the transmitter/receiver device. The company founded by Soljačić, Witricity, is currently working with General Motors on testing a charging system of this type for electric vehicles: Drive 11 can be installed as a floor panel in garages or under pavement on the street to allow contactless "refueling" of cars in private or public parking spaces.

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