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An app to get from A to B!

Berlin residents are set for a first, as start-up MotionTag prepares to roll out a new seamless ticketing technology for the German capital’s public transport system. Visitors to CeBIT 2017 can register to take part in the test phase.

23 Mar. 2017
Startup-App MotionTag TicketEasy

Public transport can be a real pain, as a study carried out by Germany’s ADAC automobile association recently confirmed. One of the complaints highlighted in the study was the often baffling and impenetrable pricing system that puts people off with its high prices and makes it virtually impossible for occasional users to find cheaper alternative tickets. However, public transport operators have their own problems to deal with, such as the high costs associated with the sale of paper tickets. Thankfully, start-up company MotionTag is at CeBIT 2017 to exhibit a software solution that makes things easier all round. On the one hand, it allows end customers to buy their tickets with ease using a smartphone app and ensures they always pay the best possible price for their journeys at the end of the day, week or month. On the other hand, it provides operators with anonymized mobility data for needs-based precision planning with regard to network expansion and maintenance – all without any costly passenger surveys or having to install expensive hardware.

TicketEasy is the name of the app that is being touted as the ideal solution at CeBIT 2017. MotionTag developed the app initially just to demonstrate seamless ticketing technology. After launching the app, all customers have to do is enter their starting station and then they’re off. The app automatically detects when customers get on and off their bus, train or tram via sensor data and books the relevant ticket. If customers take several journeys on the same day, the ticket will be rebooked to ensure they are only ever paying the cheapest fare, such as an all-day ticket. The system is currently only functional in Berlin and it is not yet possible to buy a valid ticket during the test phase – which visitors to CeBIT 2017 can register for. However, it isn’t too ambitious to suggest that residents of Berlin might be able to use TicketEasy to get to their new airport when it opens.