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Virtual & Augmented Reality

An app that is sure to keep visitors on the right track!

The CeBIT app – developed by Heidelberg mobil international GmbH in collaboration with Deutsche Messe – is back to offer visitors customized information and services and this year it’s even more user-friendly and has even more important features.

10 Mar. 2017
CeBIT App Heidelberg mobil international

It seems there’s no avoiding it – in the medium-term at least, our future is mapped out in zeros and ones (provided of course that no asteroids, gamma-ray bursts or twittering world leaders have other plans). Early adopters are already grappling with the question of when we’re going to be able to transfer human consciousness and knowledge to machines and finally achieve supposed immortality. Until we reach that stage, analog men and women everywhere will need to find their place in an increasingly digital world. Of course, that means having the right kind of digital helpers close to hand, and one such helper is the official app for CeBIT 2017 in Hannover. Developed jointly by Heidelberg Mobil International and Deutsche Messe, this tool has been offering the movers and shakers of the IT sector customized information and services since 2009. It helps visitors plan for the fair, guides them through their visit and supports them with their follow-up work – and of course it offers seamless navigation services covering every corner of the exhibition grounds.

In the past, these features have only been available for smartphones, but this year the handy app is also available for tablets for the first time. What’s more, it offers an even clearer and more user-friendly menu structure, extended filter options and the much-requested option to export personal lists. All in all, the CeBIT app offers tech-savvy visitors a tool that adapts to their current situation and can be personalized to ensure they enjoy a stress-free experience exploring the exhibits. In conjunction with the CeBIT website, which has also been optimized for smartphones and tablets, the app provides additional information and services that are relevant to wherever users happen to be at any one time.