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All Systems go! FeinMonitoring for reliable, trouble-free production

Production and maintenance costs need to be constantly reduced while simultaneously increasing availability rates and safeguarding quality standards. Feintool can now offer an interesting, cost-efficient solution: FeinMonitoring

02 Mar. 2016
Vodafone Feinmonitoring

FeinMonitoring is a novel, intelligent online system that has been especially developed for monitoring fineblanking presses. The system runs independently and requires no user intervention. Feintool's FeinMonitoring system helps you to minimize unplanned downtimes and stoppages. At the same time, components won't be replaced too early but only when there are indications of a possible failure. This maximizes service life while saving costs. Above all, FeinMonitoring ensures that you are informed in good time when maintenance is required.

Intelligent analysis procedures

FeinMonitoring uses tried-and-tested analytical procedures to extract meaningful information from the data recorded. A broad spectrum of parameters is monitored so that any changes in overall press behaviour are identified at an early stage. Changes are identified and categorized at an early stage using characteristic patterns that occur in the relevant signals. The signals are transmitted via a mobile radio link to Feintool's FeinMonitoring database where they are automatically assessed using special evaluation algorithms. In the event of an alarm, our experts will analyze the data and let you know what action, if any, needs to be taken. This could be, for example, an oil change, preventive maintenance or repair work. It goes without saying that we can carry out this work for you straightaway either on a case-by-case basis or as a part of a service level agreement.

Vodafone Feinmonitoring Grafik

Always in the know

An added benefit is that FeinMonitoring can send an overview of your fineblanking presses' operating status at any time to your PC, tablet or iPhone. Information about such parameters as utilization rate, number of productionm stoppages and machine operating time are displayed in a clearly laid out management cockpit format.

Upgrade to FeinMonitoring and benefit straight away

FeinMonitoring is now available for retrofitting to all HFAplus and XFTspeed presses. The initial fit-out and monthly charges are appealing the more presses you have, the lower the cost per machine. FeinMonitoring gives you the added advantage of reduced spare part prices and servicing charges. Our engineers will only be called out to your premises at your specific request and on especially attractive FeinMonitoring terms.

Feinmonitoring - the advantages:

  • Greater protection against unplanned breakdowns
  • Avoid expensive consequential damage
  • Reduce unnecessary preventive maintenance
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better informed
FeinMonitoring live at CeBIT 2016, Pavillon, Stand 36.

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