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Unmanned Systems & Drones

Air and ground drAir and ground drones are set to remove dog landmines

The fact that dog owners do not remove poop piles of their pooches is most annoying to Germans about public life. Instead of appeals and penalties, a new initiative is now looking to high-tech.

31 Mar. 2017
Watchdog Drone
Air and ground drones are set to remove dog landmines. (Source:

Together with the international drones testing center Space53 , the operators of the start-up have developed a creative solution for the removal of dog excrement . A flying drone, called Watchdog 1, will first spy out these annoying doggie dos from the air and then alert a ground drone called Patroldog 1. This ground drone will then move to the transmitted location and clean up the dog feces. The developers are addressing a huge problem. According to estimates by the ighid initiative, our four-legged friends produce poop piles with a total weight of around 346 million kg annually in Germany. Much of it is not removed by their owners. The bacteria, viruses, parasites, and worms contained in the feces pose a serious threat to the health of humans and other dogs.

The developers of the comparison site are now looking for users who wish to participate as test pilots in the further development of the system. Interested dog owners can register at for that purpose. The system is currently still in the beta phase. Specifically, the ground drone will be further developed in the coming months. So far Patroldog 1 is still too small to clean up large amounts of dog feces.

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