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Software Architecture & Development

A universal translator for CAD systems!

"Direktkonverter EX 7.2" from CAMTEX not only automatically converts numerous CAD formats, it also supports direct data sharing for parts and assemblies at the touch of a button.

20 Dec. 2017
Direktkonverter EX 7.2

These days, it's hard to imagine how anyone could solve complex engineering problems without the aid of state-of-the-art CAD systems. The very first CAD applications often couldn’t do much more than create two-dimensional manufacturing or production documents. However, as computers became more powerful, CAD systems also evolved and started to offer complex specialist systems and integrated FEM solutions. These more advanced systems allowed users to design and engineer technical solutions, with objects treated as three-dimensional forms from the very outset. All the same, this seemingly positive development has meant that certain CAD systems are not wholly compatible with each other. Even that problem has now been resolved. A software package from Suhler CAMTEX GmbH that carries the no-nonsense name "Direktkonverter" can be used to seamlessly interlink different CAD systems.

Based on Elysium technology - and the associated partnerships with big-name CAD manufacturers - "Direktkonverter EX 7.2" automatically optimizes all relevant data for the particular target system, even taking into account all format-specific properties. This conversion process is claimed to be far better in quality and performance than data exchange using neutral formats such as IGES and STEP. According to the software's developers, even attributes and PMI can be reliably transferred and, if necessary, CAD data is automatically repaired. Regular updates also help ensure Direktkonverter is always equipped with the latest interfaces.


CAMTEX GmbH (98528 Suhl, Germany)

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