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A state-of-the-art bedside manner

Thin client concept specialist Rangee GmbH from Aachen is unveiling its innovative consultation-trolley console named Bine at CeBIT – surely the ultimate solution for recording and managing patients’ records.

16 Mar. 2017
Thin-Client-Konzept Visitenwagen Krankenhaus

The days when a patient’s data was visible to all on a clipboard at the foot of the bed are long gone, so we hear. So how are records kept and shared these days? What is the best way of setting up a patient file and then managing and accessing it when required? Doctors and specialists in medical TV dramas are increasingly shown sporting sleek tablets and repeatedly returning to base to dock them for syncing and charging. Compared to this minimalist solution, Bine perhaps resembles the archetypal robust and statuesque ward sister, who loyally follows the specialist around and anticipates all of his needs. Bine is the name of the new bedside console trolley developed by Rangee GmbH from Aachen, which is making its debut at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover.

It has been specially designed to record and manage patient files in medical practices, hospitals and care homes. The main aim was to optimize processes and relieve staff members’ workload while clearly improving data security. Equipped with a fan-free PC system, a 24-inch full-HD display and a cutting-edge membrane keyboard complete with mouse, Bine has everything on board that’s required for patient record administration. Powered by a formidable rechargeable battery, which can easily last one or two shifts in constant use, and connected via WLAN, there’s no limit to its room for maneuver. It boasts ergonomic electrical height adjustment and the metal enclosure’s smooth, water-repellent coating can withstand cleaning agents to meet the most stringent hygiene standards. All in all, it seems that Bine might well have the most efficient and accommodating bedside manner around!