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Digital Office - ECM / Input / Output

A red light that isn’t just for drivers.

Cleware GmbH is bringing a USB table-top traffic signal to CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, showing how a seemingly nice but pointless gadget actually has real potential.

14 Feb. 2016

Some things are so simple they are ingenious and can survive multiple technological revolutions. Classic traffic signals are a perfect example of just that – they are everywhere, everyone is familiar with them and, most importantly, everyone understands them. That led Cleware GmbH, based in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, to wonder whether this simple but brilliant invention could also be applied to PCs, for example if the computer has something important to say but nobody is taking any notice.

Around 26 centimeters tall, the table-top traffic signal connects to the PC via a USB cable, which also provides the power supply, meaning there is no need for a separate power pack. Once connected, the traffic signal can be configured for a whole range of tasks and applications using the software package included. The software runs on Windows and Linux and can, for example, signal the availability of workers in a large office or visualize the status of a program in a test area. Alternatively, the traffic signal can be combined with sensors to provide a visible indicator of the climate in a data center. However it is used – whether as visible access control, an indicator for stock levels or an easy-to-understand high-visibility timekeeper for managing your kids’ screen time – the lights on three sides of the signal are difficult to miss, and so too are the important messages they represent.

Cleware GmbH (24876 Hollingstedt, Germany), Hall 5, Stand D34, Topic: Schleswig-Holstein pavilion