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Communication & Networks

A new Way of Working

UCC solutions are adapting to the new world of work by being mobile and diverse, yet easy to operate.

16 Feb. 2015

Dean Douglas will be picking up on the keynote theme on March 17 at the CeBIT Global Conferences: "CeBIT 2015 has the subheading 'd!conomy.' That means it's all about the digital economy, which is becoming ever-more important. Businesses are having to adapt to this new, digital world," says the CEO of Unify. "The way we work is changing along with the economy. We are assisting with this new way of working with our solutions such as OpenScape Portfolio and, of course, Circuit."

In Hall 13 at CeBIT, Unify aims to demonstrate how the world of work has already changed, and how future communication scenarios will be oriented increasingly around the needs of people at work. They will be presenting a range of usage situations aimed at showing how workers will communicate more efficiently with each other and be able to work virtually in the future – using mobile devices, fixed systems, and equipment at home. Unify aims to promote these scenarios technologically with new products from its OpenScape Portfolio and from Circuit, a new cloud-based communications service that brings together voice, video, messaging, screen, and file sharing into one uniform interface. The partners that Unify has brought on board for this include ALSO, KOMSA, and RICOH.

Modern UCC solutions are to be found at CeBIT in Hall 13. Broadband solutions, connectivity, cloud, collaboration, and telematics & automotive and M2M are some of the other main topics in the 'Communication & Networks' theme cluster.

One of the market leaders in the CTI and unified communications field is C4B, which will be presenting its XPhone Connect product at CeBIT 2015. "The modern office worker has to contend with countless digital challenges on a daily basis. The most central of all working tools – communication – ought to be as simple as possible," says C4B Chairman Michael Schreier, explaining the product’s foundational idea. By 'simple' Schreier means that all communications channels are combined in the XPhone Client and can be smoothly changed according to needs, or supplemented with additional channels and people. In one central stream, workers can inspect a complete history of all the conversations they've had – by phone, chat, fax, voicemail, mobile, or desktop sharing at any time.

XPhone Connect incorporates both of the key trends currently shaping the world of work: mobility and BYOD. Access to contact details, showing availability, CTI functions such as toggling, enquiring, and holding – AnyDevice allows any terminal unit to be used as a UC telephone. "Our aim is to offer users the same high level of communication convenience anywhere – whether in the office or on the way to customers," explains Michael Schreier. XPhone Connect apps for iPhone and Android, for example, allow group chats to be run from a smartphone and enable a team to give their input while on the move. A new conference module also simplifies things by allowing you to set up telephone conferences with a single click in Outlook.

Auerswald will be entitling its CeBIT booth this year 'Communication solutions for ALL-IP connections.' Regina Dettmer, Marketing Manager at Auerswald, says that visitors to Hall 13 can expect "an attractive product family of wired and wireless IP terminal devices, from entry-level systems for the price-sensitive market all the way to high-end products for demanding business customers." When it comes to VoIP security, all of Auerswald's SIP and IP system telephones are preconfigured so that data and calls can be encrypted (SIPS and SRTP). Their telephones have integrated VPN clients to enable outside extensions to be securely connected.

There will be daily events on the stage in Hall 13 between Smart Home and M2M. The first theme is Broadband Expansion will begin on Monday afternoon. The Broadband Summit of the German Broadband Initiative – founded in 2002 by Initiative D21 and BITKOM – will bring together high-ranking representatives of business and politics. Following a keynote speech by the German Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt, key statements from the mobility and industry user areas will reflect requirements that future networks must fulfill. Network fitters and telecommunications companies will then discuss ways of meeting needs.

The theme on Tuesday and Wednesday will be the 'Smart Home,' for which the market has picked up pace. Big-name manufacturers in a wide range of industries – consumer electronics, IT, white goods, power supply – are pouring pioneering, intelligent, networkable devices into the market. Certain barriers have also been broken down that had been holding off potential smart home customers: radio-based solutions and power-line technologies are replacing the troublesome business of wiring. Cloud-based services and devices connected using Internet protocols are improving networkability and making smart home solutions more affordable.

At the 'Smart Home days' run by BITKOM, market leaders and start-ups will be discussing how these trends will affect the smart home of the future and what role the German market will play in that. On Tuesday afternoon, the theme will be 'Bringing together what belongs together – smart home platforms, standards, and alliances.' On Wednesday morning the event will be entitled 'Smart Home for the Masses – designing and marketing attractive smart home products and services.' From Wednesday onwards, the focus of the forum will be on Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC). And finally on Thursday afternoon it will be about M2M and IoT communication.

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