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A Computer on Wheels

The dream of the connected car keeps getting bigger. Soon, entire traffic infrastructures will be connected. But to make these rolling computers a reality, IT departments have to make changes now.

19 Mar. 2015

At CeBIT, more than 500 experts are discussing what it all comes down to – at automotiveIT, the industry's leading IT conference. "We have to rebuild the state of today's IT!" With these dramatic words, Volkswagen CIO Martin Hofmann kicked off the main event in the Convention Center. He maintains that IT should be designed for large systems that are stable and risk-free, and leave no room for "messing around". But even that's not enough in this age of cloud computing, connectivity, social media, and big data. Google, Amazon, Uber and the like are becoming stronger competitors by the day.

"The first wave of digitization clearly goes to America," states Ferri Abolhassan, Head of the IT Division at T-Systems. Now it's Industry 4.0’'s turn, as it weaves together IT, electronics and manufacturing. Most notably, it causes new partnerships between organizations to emerge. "We're not only changing systems, we’re changing processes and cultures," summarizes ThyssenKrupp's Christine Grabmair. Currently, businesses in the automotive industry are having to centralize their IT.

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Pic: automotive IT