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Artificial Intelligence

A burger-grilling robot

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), more and more machines are learning to do things that have, until now, been the domain of humans. The latest example: Frying burgers.

17 Mar. 2017
Miso Robotics Roboter machen Burger
(Photo: Miso Robotics)

Pasadena-based company Miso Robotics has unveiled a robot for use in hamburger restaurants: Flippy . The invention was funded by fast food chain CaliBurger and various venture capitalists. First of all, however, Miso Robotics employees had to undergo several days’ training in CaliBurger’s kitchens before getting down to designing the robot.

The finished device takes the form of a small, wheeled cart equipped with a 6-axis robotic arm. Flippy utilizes this arm to place the burger patties on the grill and to turn them. It then uses cameras and 3D and thermal sensors to keep track of the cook-time and temperature. Once the burger is ready, the robot alerts the chef that it’s now time to add the cheese and the finishing touches to the burger like salad, sauce, and the bun. Unlike other kitchen assistants, such as those made by Momentum Machines , Flippy is based on AI software. This means that the robot can also learn how to prepare other varieties of burger, such as chicken burgers, and, over time, to also add other ingredients like bacon or onion rings.