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Workplace Ecosystem

A beeline to the top!

The Swiss company Beekeeper has become one of the leading suppliers of mobile communications solutions in the space of just a few years. Its core customers are companies that employ mainly mobile workers without a fixed PC workstation.

24 Oct. 2018
Beekeeper Team App

Large corporations quite often have a fair bit in common with a swarm of bees - mobile workers constantly buzzing around with all the vigor and dedication required to keep things running. But in contrast to natural beehives, which run more or less automatically thanks to instincts and routines honed over millions of years, cutting-edge hives of business activity still need a bit of help with the fine-tuning. Beekeeper by name - beekeeper by nature, one fledgling Zurich-based company is on a mission to assist companies with high proportions of peripatetic employees based on its advanced mobile communications solutions.

In June, Beekeeper flew in to Hannover to showcase its Enterprise Instant Messaging at CEBIT 2018, demonstrating how it uses smart automation to fuse communications processes with analysis tools. The end result makes employees reachable in real time across different locations and departments, while digitizing internal processes and integrating existing IT systems and communications channels on a secure platform that meets the most stringent data protection standards. Beekeeper has now announced it has raised USD 13 million to invest in strategic growth and expanding its data protection-compliant platform. We can expect to learn more at the next CEBIT - with Beekeeper set to focus on bringing its SaaS platform even more finely in tune with the latest data protection laws.


Beekeeper AG (8037 Zurich, Switzerland)