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5G is connecting cars – Experience autonomous driving in the Vodafone

In a spectacular multisensory experience you will experience a world without accidents, no waiting times at traffic lights and no stress during long journey on the highway. An untroubled world in which travelling is fast, reliable and convenient.

16 Feb. 2017

The future of network is equivalent with future of mobility and traffic

Source: Vodafone
  • Telecommunications connects vehicles with each other and with the traffic infrastructure. This way, the car already knows about the next red traffic and adjusts its way of driving even before the driver knows. This helps to prevent congestion and saves resources.
  • In 15 years, 25% of all new vehicles will drive fully autonomous according to a KPMG study. Lane assistance systems and automated parking are just the beginning.
  • On average, Germans spend 3 years behind the steering wheel. He spends more time inside the car than for training or reading.
  • Autonomous driving lets us turn cars into new realities of living and working.
  • Therefore, we engage into multiple research projects, the A9, for example, will become a digital highway for testing automated and connected driving under real-world conditions in which we can create a testbeds with LTE coverage and 5G network for autonomous driving, incl. car-to-infrastructure trials.
  • LTE and 5G connectivity will enable a new set of services, e.g. interconnection of traffic intersections, mobile network support for the overall traffic management, vehicle platooning, safety-relevant and efficiency-enhancing functionalities.

Experience autonomous driving in the Vodafone network

The Vodafone VR Simulator lets you experience autonomous driving of tomorrow in a way that only 5G can enable it:

  • watching a movie in the digital cinema during the ride
  • participate in important conferences calls throughout the world
  • shopping from inside the car
  • enjoy an open-top journey through the woods to relax

Take a closer look behind the scenes of the future of cars from the top of a skyscraper and how 5G enables cars to transfer data with each other surprisingly fast.