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Virtual & Augmented Reality

360 degree video continues to triumph

The world isn’t a peep box, but rather an immersive experience from all sides and angles. And this is something being offered right now on more and more video and streaming platforms ‒ the panoramic, 360 degree viewing format is really catching on.

21 Mar. 2017
360-Grad-Video-Stream CNN Virtual-Reality-Content

Content platforms, media companies, and social networks are increasingly investing more resources in 360 degree content. For example, back in early December YouTube started offering 360 degree live streaming, and that very same month Facebook and also Twitter’s Periscope livestream service added 360-degree functionality to their companies’ video streaming services. This year, virtual reality content may finally manage to make the leap into the mainstream.

Three recent reports testify to the fact that this trend is steadily on the rise: The American broadcaster CNN recently announced that it has set up a separate unit for the production of virtual reality content and will now be offering its 360-degree documentaries and reports in its mobile apps too . Almost at the same time, Facebook launched the Facebook 360 app on the Oculus platform, which allows Samsung Gear VR users to access 360-degree content on the social network ‒ incidentally, that’s already a million videos and 25 million photos. Thirdly, on 8 March the video platform Vimeo also raised the ante with its support for instant uploading of 360-degree videos.