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Summits and Forums 2018

Get an initial overview of the conferences, summits and forums taking place at d! talk. Experience top-class speakers and experts on topics such as Future Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Security and Customer Centricity in June.

Monday, 11 June 2018

The new, revamped CEBIT kicks off on Monday, 11 June, with an action-packed, star-studded conference program. That’s right: the exhibition halls don't actually open to visitors until the Tuesday, but there will be plenty happening on "Take-off Monday" with a top-notch digitization-themed program.

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Please note:

The CEBIT Take-off Monday is fully booked. We are looking forward to welcoming you at CEBIT 2018 and CEBIT d!talk Conferences between 12 and 15 June. Please have a look at our conference program.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

12 June | Hall 12

Cyber security remains a top priority for all businesses. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being adopted by more and more industries and are therefore playing an increasingly significant role in cyber security.

Machine learning systems that accurately predict and identify attacks are fast becoming standard tools of the trade for cybersecurity professionals. The downside, of course, is that these technologies will also be exploited by cyber criminals. Additionally, ransomware will continue to claim high-profile victims. Recent attacks have taught companies that it is essential to conduct regular back-ups, to keep all software fully up to date at all times, and to strengthen their real-time defenses on an ongoing basis.

The CEBIT Cyber Security Summit explores these and other threats and challenges as well as the latest cyber security strategies.


12 June | Hall 17

Digitization has given rise to a wave of innovative technologies that are bringing profound change to business and society. The digital transformation of business is now about much more than merely integrating mobile technologies and online shops into existing infrastructure. The key trends today are things like intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

The summit will take a look at these new trends and provide a platform where companies can share their experience and insights along the road to digital transformation.


12 June | Hall 27

Experience Volkswagen on Tuesday, June 12 during a whole day discussion and convention event in Hall 27. At the Volkswagen Summit decision-makers and specialists from Europe’s biggest car manufacturer will discuss the future and all its aspects – the future of individual and urban mobility as well as the future of our living and working environment – together with experts from universities, politics and technology partners.

The Volkswagen Summit offers the perfect opportunity to enter into dialogue with top-level speakers about their visions of the future.


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

13 June | Hall 27

Artificial intelligence applications and technologies are already transforming the business processes and productivity of many organizations. AI is expected to disrupt and modernize nearly all vertical industries in the near future. Organizations that fail to integrate AI successfully face losing their competitiveness and innovative potential.

Featuring a wealth of industry-specific best practices and use cases, the CEBIT Artificial Intelligence Summit will give executives and business professionals a thorough understanding of the most recent and fundamental developments in commercial AI applications and will explore the impacts of AI technologies on society.


13 June | Hall 26

Digital transformation, research and innovation are changing the face of healthcare. The accelerated speed with which information can now be exchanged, and the associated changes in healthcare delivery, are opening up the market to competition and giving rise to completely new business models.

The CEBIT 8. Digital Health Summit is an opportunity for decision-makers from government, business and the health sector to meet and discuss the role of digital technologies in medicine and healthcare. The forum is a joint production with the Federation of German Industries (BDI) "Digital Health" initiative.

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13 June | Hall 17

Technological – and, increasingly, political – disruption is transforming markets, business and civil society. Businesses need to respond to this – but how? At the same time, digitization is creating new career paths and job opportunities. So, what does the age of digital transformation mean for women in leadership roles?

Experts will be using this summit to share their insights on the opportunities and challenges currently facing women in a digital working world – a world that will increasingly be characterized by diversity, flexibility and transparency.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

14 June | Hall 17

In today’s fast-changing and ever more complex world, businesses are increasingly making customer centricity the cornerstone of their commercial philosophy in a bid to boost their earnings, improve long-term competitiveness and grow their value.

At the CEBIT Customer Centricity Summit, marketing experts will talk about the customers of the future, whom they no longer see simply as consumers, but as drivers of innovation, judges of ideas, co-designers of products and marketing partners.


14 June | Hall 26

Frictionless, automated, personalized travel on demand - that is the dream of the future of mobility. And the extended auto ecosystem's various elements are coalescing to realize that dream sooner than expected, which means that incumbents and disruptors need to move at top speed to get on board.


14 June | Hall 12

Recent years have brought us extensive transformation and breakthroughs in the Internet of Things space.

Today, almost every industry invests heavily in IoT solutions. Leading businesses are quickly moving to further implement sophisticated IoT systems that drive their bottom lines. While consumer products, such as wearables and connected electronics, are currently a large part of the market, analysts predict that more than 80 percent of worldwide IoT expenditure through 2020 will be on B2B applications and use cases.

Clearly, IoT systems are set to remain one of the primary drivers of the digital transformation in 2018 and beyond. New businesses models will emerge that are characterized by new work processes, productivity improvements, greater cost efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.


14 June | Hall 27

Digital business is one of big challenges facing companies of all sizes, be they SMEs, large corporates or global players. What’s they key to successful digital transformation? Are there any reference projects out there to show them the way? And if there are, can the lessons learned be applied to their own companies?

Comprising a quality lineup of expert panels, speed presentations, interactive workshops and discussions, the Digital Business Day covers all the ins and outs of Connectivity, the Cloud, the Internet of Things and Security.

The Digital Business Day will be organized by Deutsche Telekom and takes place on Tuesday, 14th, June, 2018 at the Grand Central Stage in hall 27.

The Digital Business Day 2018 will be organized by Deutsche Telekom AG .


Friday, 15 June 2018

15 June 2018 | 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

With its many highlights on the topic of digitization, Digital Friday is the grand finale of the CEBIT week. There is an extensive program dedicated to the interests of small and midsize businesses. And, to round off the day perfectly, there are platforms for developers and coders, professional gamers, and drone pilots.