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Your Way to CEBIT

Tips and information to make your trip to CEBIT quick and easy, wether you're travelling by rail, air or car

The Deutsche Messe is conducting security checks at all entrances. This involves examining the contents of all luggage, e.g. handbags, backpacks, trolleys, suitcases, attaché cases and any other bags and containers.
Please accept our apologies for any delays this might cause, particularly during peak periods.
This measure is designed to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved, and applies to all trade fairs staged at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

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DB event ticket one-way ticket fully flexible (always available):
2nd class - 69,50 € per person
1st class - 99,50 € per person

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Please note that the DB Event Ticket does not include the CEBIT entrance.

You can buy your ticket by phone: just contact our service number +49 (0)1806 - 31 11 53 and use the keyword "Deutsche Messe".

Make sure you have your credit card to hand for payment (please note that Deutsche Bahn AG levies a surcharge for all credit card payments in accordance with the conditions of carriage for persons travelling with Deutsche Bahn AG companies ("BB Personenverkehr"). The service hotline is open Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am to 8 pm. There is a charge of EUR 0.20 per call from a German landline and a maximum of EUR 0.60 per call from mobile networks.


Special offer: Discounted travel with Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines

Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines offers a comprehensive global route network linking major cities around the world. We offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors and exhibitors.

The booking code will be available from October 2018.
NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled otherwise the booking platform window will not open.

These promotional fares are also available through your IATA / ARC travel agent. Travel agents can obtain ticketing instructions by sending an email to and providing the access code as a reference.

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To present a complete and latest flight schedule please visit the website of we link to the websites of Hannover Airport

Main Railway Station Hannover
Hannover Main Station offers all those services that make your stay in Hannover as comfort as possible. From Hannover Main Railway Station you reach the Exhibition Grounds by tram, lines 8 and 18 (entrance NORD 1 and 2). Travel time: approx. 18 minutes.
Or via suburban railway or regional trains to station Hannover Messe/Laaten (WEST 1). Travel time: approx. 8 minutes. For your visit please take advantage of the regular services of German Railway .

During CEBIT metronom and erixx extends its schedule by special train services at station Hannover Messe/Laatzen.

Hannover Messe/Laatzen Station
The Hannover Messe/Laatzen station is approximately 400 m from the WEST 1 entrance to the grounds. You can reach the grounds on foot by walking over the covered Skywalk transport system, which connects the station with the Exhibition Grounds. During the fairs German Railway extends its schedule by special train services at station Hannover Messe/Laatzen.

Direct trains to the exhibition
Direct trains to Hannover Main Station

Suburban Railway S8 – Direct connection to CEBIT

In just 23 minutes hourly from Hannover Airport to the station Hannover Messe/Laatzen (entrance West 1).
Runs hourly:
from Hannover Airport between 08:25 am and 7.25 pm
from Hannover Messe/Laatzen Station between 08:10 am and 8.10 pm
More info:

NUNAV is a navigation system with revolutionary routing. An intelligent swarm algorithm intelligently routes all participating cars according to current and future traffic situations, in the process avoiding traffic jams before they even occur.

NUNAV incorporates the driving recommendation of the traffic management agency from Lower Saxony & Region Hannover and free parking areas at the Hanover Trade Fair Arena. With the NUNAV technology from Graphmasters, drivers receive an individual driving recommendation that is always coordinated with the current traffic situation; always providing you with the most accurate travel time estimation to your destination.

NUNAV always suggests you an ideal route, we do not operate with alternative routes. By using it, NUNAV improves constantly and Smart cities can reduce travel times by up to 25%.

Download Android Download iOS

Digital on the road - stress-free to CEBIT with NUNAV



NUNAV Bus uses the swarm intelligence of NUNAV.

With the NUNAV technology from Graphmasters, everyone receives an individual driving recommendation, which is always coordinated with current and future traffic expectations. This actively avoids traffic jams.

NUNAV Bus is equipped with a dynamic route guidance. NUNAV Bus drivers can directly access all events taking place at the exhibition center of Deutsche Messe AG in Hanover.

Events are very easy to reach and are coordinated with the traffic management agency Lower Saxony & Region Hannover and the current traffic situation and the actual parking capacity at the fair location at the time of arrival!

NUNAV Bus always suggests you your personal and ideal route considering the weight category for buses. Our map material is based on Open Street Map data, so that every user can contribute to make our bus navigation even more precise.

By using it, the system is constantly improving and at the same time allows other participants to maintain ideal routes without users getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Download Android Download iOS

Parking Information

On the website of the Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung mBH (GfV) you will find all information about parking facilities on the exhibition grounds.

Parking fee
The parking fee is per car EUR 11.00.

During the exhibition taxis are located at the entrances NORD 2, WEST 1 + 3 and SÜD 1.
The journey from the exhibition centre to the airport takes approx. 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Find carpools for your trip to the fair- go the smart way with TwoGo by SAP

Electric vehicle
If you plan to arrive with your electric vehicle you can charge your vehicle at one of our charging points during your visit. These are located at the parking place 4 (North Entrance 1; access via the North Avenue; see diagram).

To provide as many visitors as possible to charge their vehicles, the GfV (Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung mbH) is willing to unplug your vehicle from the power supply as soon as it is charged. For this purpose we request you to fill in the form "declaration to supply isolation" and give it to the staff on site.

The parking fee is EUR 21,00 (EUR 11,00 parking fee and EUR 10,00 loading charge).

If you have got any questions, please contact us under the 0511/89 - 0 or the .

Hannover Emission Zone
Besides being home to many of the world's foremost trade fairs, Hannover is also known for its environmental awareness. On 1 January 2008, Hannover joined Berlin and Cologne in an effort to lower the health risks associated with motor vehicle exhaust (especially diesel exhaust particulates) in their respective city centers. To accomplish this, Hannover has established an official "Emission Zone" roughly defined by the expressways (Schnellwege) encircling the city center.

The Emission Zone is indicated by signs reading "Umwelt-Zone". Only vehicles which meet certain minimum requirements are permitted to enter the Emission Zone. To demonstrate compliance, an official permit (disc-shaped sticker) must be displayed on every vehicle's windshield.

Tickets for the local mass transit
Please be aware that your admission ticket or exhibitor pass is not valid for local public transport. We recommend purchasing a GVH CEBIT Card . IT makes sense for everyone who intends to be on site throughout for the entire duration of the show.

Suburban Train, Tram line and Bus
From the city centre you reach the Exhibition Grounds by tram line/U-Bahn/suburban railway or from the south by bus.

Suburban Railway S8 – Direct connection to CEBIT

In just 23 minutes hourly from Hannover Airport to the station Hannover Messe /Laatzen (entrance West 1).
Runs hourly:
from Hannover Airport between 08:25 am and 7.25 p.m.
from Hannover Messe/Laatzen Station between 08:10 a.m. and 8.10 p.m.
More information

Tram line 8 and 18 - Entrance NORD 1 + 2
From Hannover Main Station via stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Altenbekener Damm, Bothmerstraße Suburban Railway line 8

Tram line 6 and 16 - Entrance OST 3
Via stations Kröpcke, Aegidientorplatz, Braunschweiger Platz, Bult, Tierärztliche Hochschule, Kronsberg Suburban Railway line 6 and 16

Busstop lines 340 and 341 - Entrance South + West 1
Busstop at the Exhibition Grounds Stop Gutenbergstraße (South area) and stop Hannover Messe/Laatzen (West 1 area) From Rethen, Pattensen, Laatzen Bus lines 340 and 341
More information about the local mass transit in Hannover you can find on or on the website of Transport for Lower Saxony and Bremen (EFA) .

Special Services of B.F.M. Incoming & Traveller Services GmbH:

Bus Shuttle
During trade fairs, shuttle busses operated by B.F.M. Incoming & Traveller Services GmbH provide regular service between the airport and the Exhibition Center.

Airport: Terminal C
Exhibition Grounds: Entrance West 1

Transfer Packages
Our subsidiary B.F.M Incoming & Traveller Service GmbH offers as a special service the following packages from Hannover airport (on request also from Hannover main station):

Arrival Package
Comfortable journey to your accommodation - B.F.M takes care of your luggage and escort you to your booked accommodation.

VIP Package
B.F.M welcomes you directly at the gate, takes care of your luggage and drives you to your booked accommodation before taking you to the Fair Ground.

No need to waste precious time in check-in lines at the airport!

Maximize on your time at the fair by letting BFM Incoming and Traveller Services handle your baggage check-in for you (at a cost of EURO 25.00 per piece). You also will not need to worry about getting a seat reservation or standing in line for a boarding pass: B.F.M. will take care of everything for you!

For more information click here .

B.F.M. has counters at the following locations:
on the Fair Ground, at the NORD 2 entrance (Hall 2), and the WEST 1 entrance (Hall 13)
at Hannover Airport: Arrivals Level C
for reservations call : + 49 511 9774880

Suburban Railway S5
All year round from Hannover Airport via Hannover Main Station to the Fair Ground by local railway connection (S-Bahn), travel time 12 - 15 minutes.
From Main Railway Station to the Exhibition Grounds, entrances NORD 1 + 2 by tram, line 8 or 18. Use the online-service and let draw up your personal schedule.

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