CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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3Digify: 3D-Scanners for everyone

3Digify allows building high-quality 3D-scanners easily

TU Kaiserslautern

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Topic: Research & Technology Rhineland-Palatinate

Product description

3Digify is a software system that allows constructing full-fledged 3D-scanners easily and cost-efficiently. It takes control of a camera and a video projector connected to the computer and processes data acquired using these devices. Such a setup allows capturing three-dimensional copies of various objects.

3Digify computes an optimized mesh (in common CAD-formats) with texture and normal maps. The data is compactly stored and can directly be published on the internet, embedded into websites, replicated with a 3D-printer or processed by other applications.

The quality achieved by 3Digify directly depends on the employed hardware. Therefore, end users can drastically improve the capabilities of their 3D-scanner by using cameras with higher resolution or hardware of higher value. The choice of employing a webcam or a premium digital camera is up to the user. This allows flexible planning with complete cost control.

Development status
Soon market ready

Market introduction

Degree of documentation
Well documented

Market orientation
Medium-size market

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3Digify: 3D-Scanners for everyone

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