CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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Why I hacked the Tesla Model S

Lessons for businesses in building modern security architecture from this recent hack

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What better a device to explore the advancements and needs of modern security systems than the Tesla. When you connect a car to the internet, it is no longer just a car: it is a computer on wheels. Using this Tesla security investigation as a model, we'll explore what forward-looking organisations need to do to advance their security posture and which advancements are still critical needed.

Live stream

Why I hacked the Tesla Model S

17 March 2016, from 03:15 PM

Keynote - Kevin Mahaffey, Lookout

Video Keynote - Kevin Mahaffey, Lookout
35:38 min

CeBIT Global Conferences - 17. March 2016: Keynote "Why I hacked the Tesla Model S", Kevin Mahaffey, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (Lookout, Inc.)


  Kevin Mahaffey

Kevin Mahaffey

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Lookout, Inc.

Kevin is an entrepreneur and technologist with a background in mobile and web technology, security, and privacy. He is the CTO of Lookout, a company dedicated making the world a safer place as it becomes...

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