CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June
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The integration of a trade show with a complementary conference program not only creates the ideal setting for generating new business, but also facilitates effective networking and a crossindustry knowledge transfer and dialogue between experts.

Tickets & Prices

Ticket Exhibition

Buy your Exhibition Ticket for CeBIT 2017 (20 - 24 March) in advance through our ticket store.

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  Advance sale On-site
Full-Event Ticket 56 EUR 61 EUR
Day Ticket reduced admission - 26 EUR
SCALE11 Investors Ticket 178.50 EUR 178.50 EUR

Terms of Use

  • All prices include VAT
  • Full-Event Ticket: Valid for admission to the event as of 9.00 a.m. on every day.
  • Day Tickets reduced admission are available for pupils, students and apprentices. They can only be purchased on site against presentation of a valid ID.
  • By presenting a pass for disabled persons you only have to pay the price for a day ticket reduced admission. If an escort is needed and is noted in the pass the escort is granted free access

SCALE11 Investors Ticket: Valid for investors (VCs, Business Angels, Family Offices, Corporate Ventures, etc.) to access the CeBIT SCALE11 Investors Club as of 9.00 a.m. on every day.

Admission of children
20 - 24 March 2017: No entry for children under 16.Valid ID must be shown!

Leading of dogs
Dogs or other domestic animals are not allowed on the fairgrounds Hannover.

Ticket Exhibition & Conferences

Taking place on three podiums and featuring 200 high-calibre speakers, the CeBIT Global Conferences provide a comprehensive overview of the digital world.

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Day Ticket Exhibition & Conferences
Including Party
n/a 260 EUR 460 EUR 660 EUR
Full-event ticket Exhibition & Conferences *
Including Party
260 EUR
460 EUR 660 EUR 1,000 EUR
35 EUR
50 EUR 50 EUR 70 EUR
Red Ticket
n/a 1,990 EUR 1,990 EUR 1,990 EUR
Day Ticket Digital Summit: Digital Working Worlds
n/a 89 EUR 89 EUR 89 EUR
Day Ticket Digital Summit: Blockchain
n/a 89 EUR 89 EUR 89 EUR
Day Ticket Digital Summit: d!conomy Healthcare
n/a 89 EUR 89 EUR 89 EUR
Day Ticket Digital Summit: Women in Digital Business
n/a 89 EUR 89 EUR 89 EUR
Party Ticket
n/a n/a 60 EUR 60 EUR

Purchase ticket

Please note:

  • * Total of only 200 tickets available
  • ** The ticket is valid on Friday (March 18, 2016) and entitles you to attend CeBIT Global Conferences / ROCK THE BLOG
  • All prices include VAT
  • Your Exhibition & Conference Ticket also includes access to the CeBIT Exhibition
  • All tickets for the CeBIT Global Conferences and the CeBIT Global Conferences Party must per personalized during the ordering process with the participant’s first name, last name and valid e-mail address
  • 20 - 24 March 2017: No entry for children under 16. Valid ID must be shown!
  • Admission to the party is permitted from 18 years of age
  • Dogs or other domestic animals are not allowed on the fairgrounds Hannover
  • Please remember to buy a ticket for the local mass transit system. Your admission ticket to event is not valid for transportation.

Tickets for the local mass transit

Please be aware that your admission ticket or exhibitor pass is not valid for local public transport. We recommend purchasing a GVH CeBIT Card.

The GVH CeBIT Card entitles you to travel from 19/03/2017 – 24/03/2017 as often as you like within the entire tariff area with all buses and trams of the GVH partners until 5:00 a.m. the next day. The GVH CeBIT Card makes sense for everyone who intends to be on site throughout the show.

Just in time for sales start from the 9th of february 2017 we will provide you further informations.


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