CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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CeBIT Guided Tours

Tours to the CeBIT Highlights

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a clear and concise overview of the show topics you are most interested in. CeBIT Guided Tours guarantee you’ll never miss the highlights in your special area of interest.

Coming to CeBIT and interested in getting a good overview of the fair in the shortest time possible? Keen to learn more about a key issue that is currently shaping the IT world? Then our Guided Tours are perfect for you. Each tour focuses on a topical IT theme and will take you to the exhibition stands of selected companies whose offering is relevant to that theme.

Your benefits: You don't have to waste time trying to navigate the huge CeBIT exhibition offering, plus you get to meet the right people right away, without having to pre-arrange appointments or wait in line.

In tours covering a range of topics, you're sure to find the right offering for your special area of interest. Apart from one of the standard CeBIT Guided Tours and the Special Guided Tours we offer you a guided tour which is specifically tailored to your needs.


The Tour Themes 2016 at a glance

d!conomy: The Digital Transformation

More and more machines, products, devices and objects are gaining the ability to communicate with one another autonomously – to the point where all aspects of everyday life will soon be hardwired into the Internet of Things. In manufacturing, this phenomenon is reflected in the ongoing IT-driven integration of machines that is commonly referred to as "Industry 4.0". One expression of this in the auto industry is the adoption of digitization to create "connected cars". Meanwhile, in the logistics, distribution, wholesale and retail sectors, companies are using ever-greater networks and RFID technology to automatically track and seamlessly trace all goods movements. Public sector organizations around the world are embracing end-to-end digitization. And on the home front, smart home and building technologies are digitizing and automating many aspects of our private lives.

This tour will take visitors around a range of striking exhibits from a diverse set of industries to illustrate the fast pace of the digital transformation and its rapidly growing influence on all aspects of business and society.

Clouds of Excellence

In the space of just a few years, cloud technology has skyrocketed to prominence as one of the main trends in IT and is now poised to unfold its true potential as a force for transformation. It can, for instance, help enterprises develop totally new products, services, markets and sources of income. The main drivers of cloud computing are social networking, big data (analytics) and mobility, not to mention the major cost advantages that virtual platforms have over physical ones. Today, just about every part of a company’s IT and communication infrastructure is available "as a service." It started with SaaS, now there's PaaS and IaaS, and pretty soon there will be XaaS – "everything as a service."

The Clouds of Excellence tour takes visitors to the exhibition stands of the world's most innovative providers of cloud-based applications and services and explores the cloud from a number of angles, including data security.

The Data-driven Company

Data makes the digital world go around. And in that world, "big data" stands for the increasingly vast quantities of data that companies are now generating from their own processes and accessing from multiple publicly available sources including, most notably, the Internet and social media. By integrating and analyzing these data, companies are able to gain new insights into customer behavior and secure an edge over their competitors by developing highly targeted customer loyalty measures. This is the domain of business analytics for marketing and CRM.

By intelligently analyzing the vast data resources that are already at their fingertips, companies can also gain new insights into their own internal processes, define their strengths and weaknesses and identify the best

market fit for their offering. They can also develop new ways of looking at product development, partnerships and services.

The Data-driven Company tour focuses on ideas and solutions that can help companies make more intelligent use of all available data resources.

The Future is Mobile

The enormous popularity and rapid penetration of smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we communicate. We are now permanently connected and can access voice and data services, the Internet and multimedia content anytime, anywhere. We live in a rapidly expanding mobile world, with more and more mPayment systems, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) functionality becoming available all the time and changing how we engage with the Internet.

These trends are also transforming the business world, as flexible workplace policies like BYOD (Bring your own Device) and the latest solutions for integrated, enterprise-wide communication show. The future of this increasingly mobile world depends on having reliable encryption and authentication technologies that can protect us from unauthorized access and cybercrime.

The Future is Mobile tour immerses visitors in the world of apps, mobile devices, networks and broadband technologies and introduces them to providers of security technologies.

Emerging Technologies – Future Trends

With countless IT companies of all sizes around the globe busy developing new disruptive technologies and business models, digitization has become the world’s number one driver of innovation. But which of these budding innovations and technologies will actually go on to transform the IT world forever and open up previously undreamt-of new markets? CeBIT is the place to go to find out. The Disruptive Innovation tour will take in the key trend-setting CeBIT 2016 highlights, whether these are at the exhibition stands of leading corporations and institutes or at those of small, still relatively unknown manufacturers and startups.

Enabling Technologies for Digital Transformation

Internet of Things. Cloud Computing. Big Data. Mobility. These are perhaps the best-known manifestations of the digital transformation that is revolutionizing more and more areas of our lives. But what about the technologies that enable this transformation? Behind the scenes, powerful networks and data management systems are needed to cope with today’s exponentially increasing data volumes. Communication, data transmission and storage standards are needed to create order out of data chaos. Reliable “anytime anywhere” access to all this data requires high-performance data centers and interconnecting communication infrastructure. And all of this rests on high levels of data security and redundancy. This tour takes visitors to providers of these enabling technologies and highlights systems and low-level solutions that will help ready them for the constantly changing requirements of the digital transformation.

Custom Tours & Theme Tours

Apart from one of the standard Guided Tours we offer you a guided tour which is specifically tailored to your needs.

Dates from Monday, 20March to Friday, 24 March 2016
Time each tour twice daily, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Tour length approx. two hours
Starting point Information Center (IC) in the middle of the exhibition center
Tour language English
Participation fee € 15.00/person (deposit for headset: € 50.00)

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