CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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CeBIT Guided Tours

Tours to the CeBIT Highlights

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a clear and concise overview of the show topics you are most interested in. CeBIT Guided Tours guarantee you’ll never miss the highlights in your special area of interest.

Coming to CeBIT and interested in getting a good overview of the fair in the shortest time possible? Keen to learn more about a key issue that is currently shaping the IT world? Then our Guided Tours are perfect for you. Each tour focuses on a topical IT theme and will take you to the exhibition stands of selected companies whose offering is relevant to that theme.

Your benefits: You don't have to waste time trying to navigate the huge CeBIT exhibition offering, plus you get to meet the right people right away, without having to pre-arrange appointments or wait in line.

In tours covering a range of topics, you're sure to find the right offering for your special area of interest. Apart from one of the standard CeBIT Guided Tours and the Special Guided Tours we offer you a guided tour which is specifically tailored to your needs.

The Tour Themes 2017 at a glance

Emerging Technologies & Trends

Augmented & Virtual Reality – Internet of Things – Drones & Unmanned Solutions ... Take part in our “Emerging Technologies & Trends” Guided Tour and get up close and personal with the digital megatrends shaping our world. Learn more about the myriad applications of key future-defining technologies and get a quick overview of the latest and greatest trends in the world of IT. Let CeBIT’s technology pioneers inspire you. Don’t miss tomorrow’s emerging technologies and trends!

Smart Machines and Artificial Intelligence: A Future without Humans?

How intelligent can machines become? Where is the trend towards intelligent systems taking us? What’s happening in the research labs of the market leaders? Our “Smart Machines and Artificial Intelligence” tour will give you exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into current R&D projects at the world’s top research institutions and technology companies. Discover the future today.

Security in the Digital World

One thing is certain: IT security will always be a hot topic. And it affects everyone. Each day, there are more and more hacker attacks on companies, public institutions and private individuals. Despite the mounting threat, many companies have still not taken appropriate measures to address their vulnerabilities. What does it take to safeguard against cyberattacks? What are the options? Who offers the best solutions? The “Security in the Digital World” Guided Tour will give you an overview of the diverse IT security solutions available on the market today. It will also put you in direct contact with the world’s top IT security experts.

Business Meets IT Talent

Top employers, sought-after jobs, exciting projects. The “Business Meets IT Talent” tour is designed for established and future IT-sector professionals in search of career opportunities, whether they are recent IT graduates, seasoned IT pros or savvy software developers. It’s a unique opportunity to gain an overview of current career options, find out what employers are looking for and discover which jobs are a good match for your skills and experience.

Focus on SMEs: Helping Companies to Digitalize Their Operations

Are you aware of the potential benefits of digitalizing your business but still unsure about how and where to start? Then join us on this tour and get a quick and comprehensive overview of the many possibilities the digital world has to offer – from digital marketing and digital process optimization, right through to digital accounting. As a participant in this tour you will meet experts who can answer your questions and find out how other companies have successfully addressed specific challenges. The “Focus on SME” Guided Tour will show you numerous best practice examples from a wide range of digital applications.

Taking the Direct Route to Customers – Customer Journey and Digital Marketing

It can be hard to keep tabs on the latest CRM solutions, the digital customer journey and the current state of the art in data analytics. But one thing is for sure: when it comes to marketing, performance expectations have never been higher, because companies today have more information on their customers and their behaviors than ever before. This Guided Tour will give you a compact overview of the digital technologies now available that will help your marketing team push the boundaries well beyond current limits.

New Networks and the Latest Smart Communication Solutions

Communication is everything. Is your business still using ISDN technology for its communications, or have you already switched to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or All IP communication systems? This tour will introduce you to the latest telephony systems and explain the benefits to your operation. It’s well worth it because in many countries around the world, the days of ISDN are numbered.

The Internet of Things – Solutions for a Connected World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing every aspect of the economy, bringing forth such innovations as intelligent trash containers and digital vineyards and thus reaching sectors hitherto not associated with anything digital. Thanks to the rapid rise of digitally interconnected products, companies in every sector are entering a new area of digital transformation. On the Guided Tour dedicated to the "Internet of Things - Solutions for an Interconnected World", you will get a close look at real-world IoT applications and the shape of things to come, also in terms of new and changing business models and innovative services. The tour will put you in touch with forward thinkers and experienced specialists who can help you find the right strategies for your business. Be sure to join this tour and pick up valuable insight and know-how.

Special Tours

ERP & ECM Special Tours by Trovarit AG

During the two-hour Guided Tours, visitors can expect an optimal comparison of four software solutions (start: Trovarit AG, hall 5, D25). Vendors present their system based on a given task related to topics like ECM / document management, ERP for production (variants production or engineer to order production), ERP for trading companies as well as customer relationship management. This way, the different approaches und core competences of the products become apparent. Additionally, participants benefit from the experts’ market knowledge about the selection process of business software. more

Custom Tours & Theme Tours

Apart from one of the standard Guided Tours we offer you a guided tour which is specifically tailored to your needs.

For further information please contact us directly.

Dates from Monday, 20 March to Friday, 24 March 2016
Starting point
Information Center (IC)
Tour length approx. two hours
Time Monday from 2 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Freitag just at 10 a.m.
Tour language English
Participation fee € 15.00/person (deposit for headset: € 50.00)
Registration from January 2017

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