CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June
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Trade visitor insights

Eight visitor facts to promote success

Our eight facts about CeBIT visitors make it clear that your appearance at CeBIT can only lead to success!

One of the most important factors for a successful trade show is the number and quality of visitors to your stand. Only high quality discussions with prospects lead to deals that further your business.

It's important for you to know who makes up the attendees at CeBIt. How many decision-makers and top managers are there? What is the actual investment rate?

Our eight facts about CeBIT visitors make it clear that your appearance at CeBIT can only lead to success!


Fact 1: Successful lead generation
On average, every exhibitor generates 89 qualified leads per trade show appearance.

Fact 2: High concentration of decision-makers
Just under three-quarters of CeBIT visitors (71%) participate directly in purchasing decisions for their companies. Over one quarter (27%) have decision-making authority.

Fact 3: A large number of board members, CEOs and top managers are present
Around half of all visitors to CeBIT (47%) hold a management position in their company.

Fact 4: Concrete investment plans
Around one third of visitors (30%) travel to CeBIT with specific investment plans. The monetary amount of successful business deals is the number 1 reason for many exhibitors to return to CeBIT.

Fact 5: High investment rate
Projected investments averaged €134,000 per trade visitor in 2016.

Fact 6: Focus on digitalization
According to a study by the market research institute Ernst & Young, 74% of SMEs are convinced that digital technology will become increasingly important for their company’s business model in the next 5 years. This tendency is mirrored in a survey conducted of visitors to CeBIT 2016: Almost half stated that they were planning to digitalize their own business processes.

Fact 7: Trade fairs are important sources
For CeBIT visitors, the most important sources for information on "digitalization" are trade fairs and personal discussions with colleagues and business partners.

Fact 8: "Only CeBIT counts!"
By their own account, around half (49%) the trade visitors surveyed only attend CeBIT and no other trade show to learn everything they need to know about IT and digitalization.