CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary Tickets - personal invitations really pay off

Invite your guests well in advance, then give them the personal treatment at your stand during the show - that's the ideal way to maintain existing contacts and win new customers!

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Video: How to make your trade show attendance a complete success

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Mobilize prospects and generate leads – how to make your trade show attendance a complete success.

"We sent printed tickets to our customers: we did so in previous years and always had good results."

Armin Ziegler, Team leader Equipment, Stand Construction and Logistics Datev eG, Nuremburg, Germany

Why is it so important for exhibitors to invite their customers?

Because exhibitors have the power to get more of their customers to come and see them at the show! Plus, sending out targeted invitations together with complimentary tickets is a great way to show goodwill and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Inviting your customers and prospects to come and see you at CeBIT is the best way to boost your turnout and your business gains!

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- your best way to reach all your potential visitors easily, efficiently and inexpensively

Complimentary tickets are important as we do not use them randomly, but specifically target our clients and special guests. A personal invitation ensures that we can make sure their visit is fruitful and expresses our appreciation of them as business friends."

Frank Schenk, Head of Business Product Sales, EPSON DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, Meerbusch, Germany

Make use of your FREE complimentary tickets covered by the marketing fee

Your marketing fee already includes an unlimited number of complimentary tickets for main exhibitors and up to 300 complimentary tickets for co-exhibitors each. In other words, you will incur no extra costs when you order complimentary tickets or when your guests redeem them. Enclose these tickets with personal invitations to attend CeBIT - and do wonders for your customer relations.

Use the OBS online ordering system to place orders and get individual support.

Mandatory online ticket registration

We recommend advising your guests of the need to advance-register their tickets at, ensuring your visitors can whisk right through the entrance gates and head straight to your stand! All tickets must be registered in advance by the holders to validate them for use.

You also benefit from ticket registration since you can log into your Online Business Service account and download your guests' data – updated on a daily basisstarting five weeks before the event. This enables you keep daily tabs on how successful your invitation campaign is, and to fine-tune it as necessary. And about two weeks after the event, you can log in for a summary of who actually followed your invitation.

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