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The digital transformation

Europe's industry sector is on the verge of structural change. The digital transformation encompasses all sectors, creating a vast market for IT solutions.

Europe's industrial sector is undergoing radical structural change. Digital systems help companies collect, process and analyze enormous amounts of data on manufacturing processes, suppliers and customers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, manufacturing processes can bring automation to an entirely new level. Through the integration of value-added steps, production times are shortened, the cycle of innovation accelerated and supply chains synchronized. The Internet of Things is generating a multitude of novel products and services.

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Ready for the digital transformation!

As traditional value chains are being redefined in an age of vast data resources, connectivity, automation and the digitization of customer interfaces

Opportunities & risks Potential for billions of euros of gross valued added per sector by 2025

Objectives of the digital transformation A key objective is to reduce the cost of product development and business processes.

Embracing the transformation Every year, companies need to re-think their business strategies and processes.

Drivers of digitization The digital transformation is all-encompassing.

Internet of Things In the future, people, machines and resources will communicate with each other directly and in real time.

Smart services The number of Internet-capable devices is set to double, bringing smart services to all aspects of life.

Security Threat intelligence is fast becoming the centerpiece of IT security.

3D technologies 3D printing is an increasingly viable alternative to conventional manufacturing processes.

Drivers of digital transformation Faced with the rapid pace of transformation, manufacturing companies are under pressure to act swiftly and make on-the-fly decisions.

CeBIT: Performance in figures

Every third visitor is from top-tier management. 31% of CeBIT visitors are there with the clear intention of making purchases.

CeBIT is the world's leading showcase for digital business. It is the place where professionals from all areas of today’s rapidly digitizing economy gather to share ideas, gather know-how and do business. With its seamlessly integrated exhibition and conference program, it offers unrivalled sales and growth opportunities that no company can afford to miss out on.

CeBIT 2015 highlighted the immense opportunities of digitization – and the big challenges that lie along the road to realizing them.

Facts & Figures


Opening with Alibaba founder Jack Ma Jack Ma: "It's not technology that changes the world; it’s the dreams behind the technology..."

Partner Country cultural contribution China was this year's Partner Country. Its showcase featured big players like Datang Telecom, Huawei, Kingsoft Software Company, Neusoft, TCL and ZTE.

Live interview with Edward Snowden One of the highlights of the CeBIT Global Conferences was the live interview with Edward Snowden and the investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Networking par excellence Numerous exclusive evening events and stand parties provided a wealth of valuable opportunities for quality, face-to-face networking.

Full halls, full order books The professionals attending CeBIT came with the clear intention of spending an average of € 150,000 each.

Innovation & Inspiration With its hackathons, BarCamps and other startup-centric events, CeBIT was an absolute hive of innovation and inspiration.

Sold out! One Hall 6 exhibitor lightheartedly faked early stand closure. Apparently the huge visitor turnout was even a bit too much for them!

Magnet for startups CODE_n & hit SCALE 11 premiere: workshops and conferences on 5 stages where 350-plus startups mingled with heavyweights like RWE, VW, IBM, Nbank,…

The Internet of Everything The Internet of Things, taken one step further. CeBIT spared no detail when showing us the many facets of this megatrend.

Endless scope for exhibitor individualit Licensed to wow: CeBIT gave its exhibitors unlimited freedom to create and impress.

More than 3,300 participating companies

More than 3,300 companies exhibited at CeBIT 2015. They came from over 70 nations and averaged about 75 qualified leads each.

Many of the CeBIT 2015 exhibitors have already re-registered for CeBIT 2016. Big players like G-Data will be returning to CeBIT in 2016 after lengthy absences, while others are planning to enlarge their showcases.

"We're really pleased with the outcome of our presentation at CeBIT 2015. The dialogue we had with trade visitors at our stand was of a high quality, and the percentage of decision-makers among the visitors we encountered was higher than in previous years."

Dirk Miller, Executive Vice President Marketing, RITTAL GmbH & Co. KG

"CeBIT has been a major success for us – truly excellent on many counts, including international lead generation."

Swenja Krämer, Media Spokesperson and Director Marketing, Secusmart

Over 350 startups

The 3,300 figure includes more than 350 startups who demonstrated their innovative business models to trade visitors and pitched their ideas to investors from every industry.

"CeBIT and Scale 11 are beneficial to us in several ways. Both are excellent platforms for showcasing what we’re doing, and they’re really great places to meet new people and partners. Whatever you need – sponsors or investors – you’ll meet them at CeBIT. It's a great place to network and gather information as well."

Jana Vecerkova, Director EU and International Projects, European Young Innovators Forum (EIYF)
CEOs @ CeBIT: What Top Managers Want

CEOs @ CeBIT: What Top Managers Want

1:56 min

Closing Statement Oliver Frese

Closing Statement Oliver Frese

1:06 min

Closing Statement Joachim Schreiner

Closing Statement Joachim Schreiner

0:54 min

Closing Statement Niek Jan van Damme

Closing Statement Niek Jan van Damme

1:45 min

1,700-plus events

The action at CeBIT was not confined to the exhibition stands. With star-studded conferences like the CeBIT Global Conferences and the Business Security Forum, exhibitors had plenty of other fantastic opportunities to shine. CeBIT 2015 featured more than 1,700 keynotes, panel discussions, presentations, workshops, hackathons and BarCamps.

Best of CeBIT Global Conferences

The Conference for Industry Opinion Leaders. Taking place on three podiums, the CeBIT Global Conferences provide a comprehensive overview of the digital world and give top visibility to sweeping trends and innovations.

Best of 2015

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