CEBIT 2018
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Startups | 18 May. 2017

Ten-armed robot does the job of ten apple-pickers

Californian startup Abundant Robotics has developed a harvesting robot that picks apples from trees and places them gently in a transporter.... more


Robotics | 25 Apr. 2017

Hermes continues to use robots as couriers

Following an initial successful trial in Hamburg, Germany, parcel service Hermes is now launching a further pilot project with delivery... more


Robotics | 24 Apr. 2017

The robot future is on its way

The Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein is currently showing a large robotics exhibition, running until May 14. The organizers are also... more


Robotics | 13 Apr. 2017

Dominos deploys a pizza delivery robot

They’re already zooming along the sidewalks in the US: small autonomous delivery robots that deliver warm meals straight to your door. And... more


Hardware & Devices | 27 Mar. 2017

Play hard, learn hard

Albert Einstein described play as "the highest form of research". If so, it seems Chinese company Makeblock is on a mission to create... more


Robotics | 19 Mar. 2017

Get digging - with zero risks!

The Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation - IOSB is at CeBIT 2017 with its IOSB.BoB project, a... more


Big Data & Business Intelligence | 18 Mar. 2017

All systems are go for Society 5.0!

Hitachi, from this year's partner country Japan, is not only exhibiting cutting-edge technology at CeBIT but also showcasing the concept of... more


Artificial Intelligence | 17 Mar. 2017

A burger-grilling robot

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), more and more machines are learning to do things that have, until now, been the domain of humans.... more


Artificial Intelligence | 16 Mar. 2017

"Soccer is like chess, but without the dice…"

A comedian once joked this was something that Germany’s Lukas Podolski might say. After all, soccer and chess are like chalk and cheese. Or... more


Research & Innovation | 11 Mar. 2017

Happy hour!

Two winners of last year's "Jugend forscht" competition in Baden-Württemberg are inviting visitors to CeBIT 2017 to take a look at their... more


Partner Country Japan | 28 Feb. 2017

Hannover's five days as the land of the rising sun!

This year's partnership between Japan and CeBIT as a "Global Event for Digital Business" brings several new faces to the fore. One is... more


Research & Innovation | 15 Feb. 2017

Easy Rider

RODEM, the world’s first robotic mobility vehicle, makes it easy and safer for people with limited mobility to move around. It has traveled... more



PaperLab: the in-office paper recycler

PaperLab is the world's first compact office papermaking system capable of producing new paper from securely shredded waste paper with... more


Virtual Reality | 14 Feb. 2017

Interview with Adrian David Cheok

When he thinks about the future, he sees people with chips in their bodies having sex and even being married to robots. At CeBIT Global... more


Robotics | 13 Feb. 2017

Leave it to me – you have more important things to do!

Machines designed to look like humans and work side by side with people are certainly not just a fantasy anymore. Based in this year’s... more



Hand in hand: Human-Robot-Collaboration for INDUSTRIE 4.0

DFKI research scientists are presenting new forms of Human-Robot-Collaboration and Mixed Reality Production based on the latest advances in... more


Virtual Reality | 08 Feb. 2017

Where 360-degree dollies dare

The Dolly360 that Kid’s Plates Inc. from this year’s partner country Japan is showcasing at CeBIT in Hannover is the first remote-controlled... more


Cyborgs & Biohacking | 08 Feb. 2017

Neuroscientists control living dragonfly drones

The stimulus-response behavior of animals can be controlled – electronically and remotely in fact. And even in flying insects that weigh... more

Minoru Usui

CeBIT Global Conferences | 03 Feb. 2017

Interview with Minoru Usui

Minoru Usui is Epson Global President. At CeBIT Global Conferences he will talk about the future of printing and especially about new ways... more


Artificial Intelligence | 30 Jan. 2017

The EU drafts laws of robotics

When Isaac Asimov formulated his three laws of robotics back in 1942, they were still considered to be pure science fiction. Now they are... more