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CeBIT Global Conferences | 23 Mar. 2017

Meet Beetlebum: Official cartoon artist at CGC17

Johannes Kretzschmar– also known as Beetlebum – has a certain point of view on the CeBIT Global Conferences. And he shares it with us. more


Security | 22 Mar. 2017

Digital Arms Race

Mikko Hypponen has intercepted and averted some of the biggest cyberattacks in history. If anyone can predict where the threats will come... more

ROCK THE BLOG, Image by Dan Taylor

CeBIT Global Conferences | 17 Mar. 2017

"Rock the Blog" takes center stage on Friday

"Rock the Blog" – the Friday format at the CeBIT Global Conferences – is back again this year, bringing together professional bloggers and... more

Chancellor Angela Merkel

CeBIT News | 06 Mar. 2017

Chancellor Merkel: Digitisation is opening doors to a different world

Message from Federal Chancellor Merkel on the occasion of the CeBIT and the CeBIT Global Conferences 2017. more

Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Image by Dan Taylor

Security | 06 Mar. 2017

Do you have any questions to Edward Snowden?

At 5:30 p.m. CET on Tuesday, 21 March, Edward Snowden will address the visitors at the CeBIT Global Conferences via video link from his... more


Virtual Reality | 14 Feb. 2017

Interview with Adrian David Cheok

When he thinks about the future, he sees people with chips in their bodies having sex and even being married to robots. At CeBIT Global... more

Tarif Sayed

CeBIT Global Conferences | 08 Feb. 2017

Interview with Tarif Sayed

Head of VR Technologies, Nokia TECH more

Minoru Usui

CeBIT Global Conferences | 03 Feb. 2017

Interview with Minoru Usui

Minoru Usui is Epson Global President. At CeBIT Global Conferences he will talk about the future of printing and especially about new ways... more

Photo: Laura Poitras/Aclu

CeBIT Global Conferences | 02 Feb. 2017

America first? Edward Snowden at CeBIT 2017

In the weeks prior to taking office, Donald Trump repeatedly cast doubt on the work done by the U.S. intelligence services. He expressed... more


Artificial Intelligence | 30 Jan. 2017

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro is bringing himself to #CGC17?

Anyone looking for adequate external storage space for his or her unusually large ego should make a beeline for Prof. Ishiguro’s keynote... more

Michael Kosinski

Big Data & Business Intelligence | 18 Jan. 2017

Did Michal Kosinski’s methods facilitate Donald Trump's victory?

Ever since Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election, lots of people have been wondering if elections can be won by means of... more


CeBIT Global Conferences | 25 Nov. 2016

CeBIT Global Conferences 2017: Fast-forward to our digital future

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, whistleblower Edward Snowden, star reporter Jeff Jarvis, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and bioethics Guru... more


Beetlebum’s view | 18 Mar. 2016

I see a pattern there

The bloggers visiting the Rock the Blog conference bring totally new challenges for our cartoonist the coffee booth more


Beetlebum’s view | 18 Mar. 2016


When Marketing and IT collide, buzzwords are invented. Luckily there is one woman fighting the marketing lingo. more


CeBIT Global Conferences | 18 Mar. 2016

Discussing the future

New, creative business models were on the agenda at the CeBIT Global Conferences in Hall 8. More than 200 speakers took the lectern during... more


CeBIT Global Conferences | 18 Mar. 2016

Rock the Blog: Bloggers take over the CeBIT Global Conferences

Full house in Hall 8: Roughly 600 bloggers, PR reps, agency people and journalists mix with the professional audience at the CeBIT Global... more


Beetlebum’s view | 18 Mar. 2016

Numerous Freak Cyborgs

One booth at the CeBIT Global Conferences offers the implantation of a NFC Chip. And 80 to 100 people got one of those during the last week.... more


Beetlebum's view | 17 Mar. 2016

Jumping Suits

Our cartoonist Johannes made some disturbing experiences yesterday evening. A well known German band might be the reason for this. more

CeBIT Global Conferences | 17 Mar. 2016

Kevin Mahaffey: How I hacked the Tesla Model S

What the CTO of Lookout did, is the nightmare of every car owner: he "stole" the remote control of an intelligent car. Why and how, Kevin... more


Beetlebum's view | 17 Mar. 2016

Encryption is key

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