CEBIT 2018
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New drivers of the digital economy

For several decades, digital technologies have been playing a key role in boosting the efficiency of process engineering and production processes. But digital transformation is capable of even more: It can revolutionize supply chains, disrupt conventional business models and create entirely new business models. Digitalization is changing the rules of the game. The digital economy – the d!conomy – carries the promise of unlimited opportunities. At CeBIT you’ll find the latest solutions for tomorrow’s economy.


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How d!conomy is changing our economy and society

Welcome to the digital economy! Automated, networked processes are reshaping value chains, new business models are being invented. New technologies open up endless possibilities for people, business and the economy. There are no more borders in this digital society.

How is the digital society evolving?

The last few years have made clear that those who take advantage of digital technologies can develop transformative products and services. With cloud hosting, for example, companies can access IT systems that are more scalable, flexible and secure than any self-run platform.

Drones are another groundbreaking area of technology. With services such as Amazon's "Prime Air", small, unmanned drones will soon be delivering packages – directly from the warehouse to the front door. Same-day delivery will become old hat – only a few hours will be needed.

But digital technology has far more potential than just to save time and money. Today it is already saving lives. Artificial intelligence (AI), for example, is helping doctors diagnose and treat disease. It can detect deviations from the norm that the human eye cannot see.

Surgeons have begun using virtual reality (VR) solutions to simulate procedures and improve their precision.

What makes a digital society vulnerable?

New technologies can of course also be cause for concern. They lead to new ethical questions. Will automation and artificial intelligence replace human work? Of course, physicians are unlikely to be replaced in the near future. But what about packers, delivery agents or cleaning staff?

Expanding digitization also creates new opportunities for cyberattacks. Helpful technology can become dangerous in the wrong hands. Which makes the topic of cybersecurity even more crucial, covering solutions that ensure data protection and data security in the digital society.

The d!conomy is in full swing. Experience how innovative technologies are leading to brand-new business models – and strengthening the economy and society – at CeBIT.

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