CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June

CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June
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Air traffic controller on board!

From the ground, the new H520 drone from Yuneec could be mistaken for a dragonfly darting overhead. Thanks to its personal air traffic controller, there's no worry this drone will crash into obstacles.

13 Mar. 2017

The eye-catching, brightly-colored coating of the H520 immediately signals that this uncompromising machine will deftly carve through everyday applications. Custom-developed for commercial use, the H520 hexacopter is the perfect solution to deliver long flight times based on tried-and-tested, robust technology in an all-in-one package. Its waypoint technology, 2D and 3D geomapping functions and software development kit (SDK) make the H520 ideal for industrial applications.

The real show-stopper, though, is the option to equip the H520 with Intel RealSense technology and an R200 camera to act as an on-board air traffic controller. Thanks to its 3D and depth measurement technology, the camera detects movements and distances just like the human eye. This enables the drone to act independently, avoid obstacles and select the safest flight route all by itself. What's more, the H520 stores the locations it has flown over for future reference. Being specially designed for longer flights, the hexacopter can even detect far-away obstacles.

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