CEBIT 2018
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Business Electronics & Equipment | 21 Jun. 2017

High-speed FlashAir - the fourth generation

Toshiba has integrated a new speed-boosting processor design into its fourth-generation FlashAir WLAN SD memory cards to meet the soaring... more


Hardware & Devices | 14 Jun. 2017

Data spumante!

CeBIT 2017 in Hannover was host to the hotly anticipated spring premiere of the new Fritz!Boxes 7590 and 6590 Cable, as AVM celebrated the... more


Startups | 31 May. 2017

Cycling at CeBIT? Not only that, but hands-free!

The CESAcruise hands-free voice communications system for cyclists launched by startup SMINNO is a world first. It sure caught the attention... more


Datacenter Infrastructure | 24 May. 2017

A picture-perfect trade fair presence!

Scores of interesting and fruitful discussions with technically-minded visitors and innovative exhibitors made CeBIT 2017 a major success... more


Startups | 18 May. 2017

Ten-armed robot does the job of ten apple-pickers

Californian startup Abundant Robotics has developed a harvesting robot that picks apples from trees and places them gently in a transporter.... more


Startups | 17 May. 2017

Telephones can save lives!

This is truer than ever with the aid of an ingenious solution that turns smartphones or tablets into mobile ECG monitors, as developed by... more


Digital Health | 16 May. 2017

Health apps ever more popular

They count how many steps and kilometers you’ve covered, remind you to take your medication, and provide you with info on fitness issues:... more


Internet of Things | 16 May. 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) assists with family planning

Determining fertile days on the basis of body temperature is usually considered an unreliable method of family planning. Startup trackle now... more


Digital Health | 15 May. 2017

Self-tracking generates billions

Our growing desire for digital self-tracking is driving billions in growth for the industry – in both revenue and data. But not all fitness... more


Drones | 15 May. 2017

Flying bird scarers to protect air traffic

To reduce the number of dangerous bird strikes in the vicinity of airports, a Dutch company has developed a drone that looks just like a... more


eCommerce | 12 May. 2017

Online customers prefer to buy on account

Although numerous online payment options are available to German online customers, most of them still prefer invoices and direct debiting. more


Artificial Intelligence | 12 May. 2017

MacKinsey sees AI spurring economic growth in Germany

The corporate and strategy consultants of the U.S. company McKinsey have concluded in an analysis that by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI)... more


Virtual Reality | 10 May. 2017

Netflix holds back in terms of virtual reality

The virtual reality (VR) trend is not a priority for the video streaming platform Netflix: It is planning to support VR and AR devices, but... more


Internet of Things | 10 May. 2017

Microsoft helps the Internet of Things along

With the new service IoT Central, software developer Microsoft wants to pave the way to the Internet of Things (IoT) for their business... more


eGovernment | 10 May. 2017

CeBIT is the catalyst for successful team-building

Materna and MACH - both specialists in modernizing administrative processes - sealed a cooperation deal at CeBIT 2017 to develop MACH AG's... more


Industrie 4.0 | 09 May. 2017

There's no way around paper (yet)

Although the paperless office has been predicted for decades, it is still far from becoming a reality. Companies are nevertheless gradually... more


Internet of Things | 08 May. 2017

Schindler takes the elevator to the Internet of Things

The elevator manufacturer Schindler has presented a digital platform to be used to connect its elevators and escalators in the Internet of... more


Virtual Reality | 05 May. 2017

3D protects against nasty surprises on trips

Customers will soon be able to experience offers provided by tour operators up close before they decide to book. Virtual reality makes this... more


Internet of Things | 05 May. 2017

New interface connects machines to IT systems

How do you get sensor data into the system? The two German companies, ifm electronic and SAP, have developed an Industry 4.0 solution to do... more


Digital Health | 04 May. 2017

Networked patient record to support health and curative treatment

Going forward, hospitals and doctors may also be able to supply research institutes with patient data to improve the exchange of... more