CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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Communication & Networks

Huawei: WTTx Over FTTH

At the end of November at the Mobile Broadband Forum 2016 in Tokyo, a kind of in-house exhibition held by Chinese telecommunications... more

ERP & HR Solutions

Access control: More than open/close

PCS Systemtechnik combines time registration and digital locking systems to create smart security management systems. more

Digital Office - ECM/Input/Output

ECM in the cloud: SMEs join in

The majority of German companies are already employing cloud solutions in their office processes – and in content management as well. more

Research & Innovation

Future Talk: "no limits" research cluster in Hall 6

This conference forum makes IT research understandable. Around 100 presentations and special events are on the agenda in 2017. more


Mobile commerce: Find success with these tips and trends

Customers are making more and more purchases using their smartphone or tablet. Here are the best tips for getting a website mobile-ready. more

Internet of Things

IT security guru Schneier calls for regulation

IT security specialist Bruce Schneier called for security regulations for IoT devices in a hearing before the US Congress. This is a matter... more


How Makers builds up profitable startups

An incubator and accelerator from Berlin, Germany helps young companies grow. With one central goal: profitability. more


Solution in the cloud: Brexit triggers IT price hike

According to market observers, Brexit is already having a major impact on IT expenditures in Europe. Companies are moving to the cloud. more

Virtual Reality

VR shopping: US department store Macy's hits pay dirt

For the Chinese Singles' Day holiday, Macy‘s offered a shopping experience at its New York department store – using virtual reality. more


DJI presents the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro

Hardly a movie or TV production today is filmed without the use of drones. Chinese drone specialist DJI is bringing two models to the market... more

Cyber Security

Minimizing the risks and maximizing the opportunities of digitalizatio

Cyber attacks take many forms, including botnets, data leaks, ransomware, hacked passwords and DDoS, to name but a few. In Germany, cyber... more


Cloud Computing: The Leading Tools and Providers

The cloud has reached the mainstream. Almost one in two German companies now uses a hybrid cloud or operates its entire IT infrastructure in... more


Your Next Assistant? Maybe an Amazon Drone

Drones as parcel delivery vehicles — that apparently isn't enough for Amazon. more

Artificial Intelligence

IBM Watson Turning into Better-Rounded Genius

The "cognitive computing" at the heart of IBM's Watson is being adopted by a growing number of industries. IBMs house fair on the "World of... more

Virtual Reality

What's so Trailblazing about the Playstation VR?

It's in the living room. My mind knows that. But my eyes see a dark winter landscape. My hands are holding two pistols, my body is sitting... more

Cyber Security

Veracode sees Open Source Risks for Cyber-Security

The latest software security report from Veracode is raising the alarm about the risks of using open source and third-party components... more