CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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ERP & HR Solutions

Paris establishes employees' right to log off

No more business emails or calls outside of working hours – starting this year, this is a statutory right for French employees. more

Virtual Reality

VR developers are flirting with eye tracking

The eye is the first, best and most intuitive interface between humans and virtual worlds. Accordingly, eye tracking technologies are in... more

Smart Home

The whirlpool murder: The digital butler was a witness

Bentonville’s investigative authorities are interested in an Amazon Echo device which witnessed a murder and may have recorded valuable... more

Digital Transformation

Christian Baudis: Digitization calls for faster changes in strategy

"The era of the good old strategy consultancy by McKinsey, Boston and so on are over," says Christian Baudis, digital entrepreneur and... more

Artificial Intelligence

For the first time, Apple releases results on AI research

Apple's research department breaks its silence after several years. The first paper is on image recognition in AI systems. more

Unmanned Systems & Solutions

BMW to Launch Self-Driving Cars in 2017

BMW has announced public testing of autonomous driving vehicles. 40 models from the 7 Series are being used. more


B2B eCommerce: A Different Approach is Needed

The industry is preparing for the emergence of B2B shops, and hopes to repackage old concepts to fit the bill. In other words, bright new... more

Artificial Intelligence

Flying Taxis: Airbus Planning Tests for 2017

Airbus has set itself an ambitious goal: the company intends to start a pilot program involving flying taxis powered by artificial... more


Warehouses in the sky: Amazon is developing flying logistics centers

The world’s largest online retailer continues to reach for the sky: with a warehouse that touches the clouds. This would allow Amazon to use... more


Digital founders settle in collaborative ecosystems

Silicon Valley draws innovative digital startups like moths to a flame. Politics are watching with a wary eye, but the supporting frameworks... more

Open Source

The best open source solutions for your digital enterprise

Your company located in or next to Bavaria has an advantage of location – this region has an enormously strong economy and is full of... more


The new Top 5: Tencent is the online winner of 2016

China triumphs, Twitter takes another blow. Considering the growth rates of share values, the ranking of online companies has changed... more

Industry 4.0

Digital Conference Seals German-French Collaboration

Norms, standards and a binding legal framework are the key to a functioning Industry 4.0. Germany and France now want to work together more... more

Cyber Security

Are you ready for the EU data protection law?

Data protection in the EU will be tightened up starting in 2018. At CeBIT, learn how this will affect your company and what you can do. more

Public Sector Parc

Public Sector Parc: The road to smart cities

Four conferences at CeBIT present intelligent concepts and technologies for the cities of tomorrow. more

Digital Office - ECM/Input/Output

Chat bots: Ready to chat anytime

Speaking text bots add to customer service. In order to be able to solve increasingly complicated problems over the telephone they need to... more