CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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CeBIT d!conomy conference

Digitalisation is advancing at a breathtaking pace and is challenging traditional structures and processes in business and society. These... more

Marketing & Sales

Google Trend: 20% of All Queries are Made by Voice

One in five search queries executed in the USA using an Android smartphone was submitted using voice recognition. more


eBay Launches Virtual Reality Shopping

eBay is opening its first VR shop for Australia's Myer chain of stores, dragging retail shopping into the world of virtual reality. more

Marketing & Sales

Content Marketing Strategy: 5 Sensible Approaches

46 percent of German companies are planning an expansion of their content marketing strategy - a sensible decision. more


High-Tech 'Pilot' Earpieces Translate Languages in Real Time

The idea will be familiar to anyone who's read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: the Babel Fish. Waverley Labs claims that its "Pilot"... more

Business IT

Honeypots and Copy-and-Paste: Avoiding Insider Leaks

Many companies underestimate the security risks involved with the employees themselves. The real threat isn't from things like industrial... more


IBM's Watson Now Fighting Cyber-Crime

IBM cognitive system Watson will now be used by IT security experts in the analysis and monitoring of cyber threats. A pilot project is... more

Business IT

How to Delete Data from the Cloud

Where is company data really stored? How is it processed? Is it possible to delete it permanently? These questions are all important when... more

Business IT

Blockchain – A Specter over the Financial Industry

Dozens of large banks are researching the potential behind Blockchain technology for financial transactions. A current study sees major... more


Storytelling: How Musk and his peers prepare their speeches

Guest writer Miriam Rupp uses examples to show how a presentation can become an experience for its listeners. more

Social Marketing

Social media marketing: This tool pushes content

Rebel Discovery is a CRM for social media managers. This tool helps you find the websites that want to share your content. more


How Messenger could save us a trip to the doctor

The startup HealthTap will allow users to connect directly with a physician using Messenger. We share how it works. more


Facebook's projects to network the world

Social network Facebook has ambitious plans to connect people to the Internet. What projects is Mark Zuckerberg pursuing here, and how are... more

Digital Business

Profihost: Preparation is the be-all and end-all

The Hannover-based company Profihost AG believes it has an advantage at CeBIT: Its insider knowledge enables it to perfectly integrate the... more


ConversionBoosting: Programmed success

Success is a focus of ConversionBoosting. This online platform helps companies and agencies optimize their websites. It goes without saying... more


Polyphasic Sleep Model: Are Two Hours of Sleep Enough?

Polyphasic sleep is meant to let people get by with just a few hours of sleep and still be productive. We spoke with Dr. Ingo Fietze,... more

Marketing & Sales

How Businesses Use Facebook Messenger

Companies and brands want to reach their customers where they like to spend time. Here are six examples of what this can look like. more

Software Architecture

Letting Go of Legacy Systems and Old Applications

There are many different strategies for dealing with legacy applications when companies switch to the Cloud. more

Big Data

The Seven Most Important Big Data Trends

Machine learning, data integration and NoSQL are only some of the latest Big Data developments. Here we present an overview of the seven... more


How Steve Jobs ran successful meetings

Steve Jobs was likely one of the world's most influential entrepreneurs. Here we share what you can learn from him about meetings. more