Much more than just a numbers game

The future of Big Data – Top theme at CeBIT 2014

Datability is all about the ability to use large volumes of data sustainably and responsibly.

Talk of Big Data usually raises the specter of huge numbers: countless trillions of bytes in existence, countless billions of news items sent hourly, countless millions of photos shared daily. And so? One statistic says that there are now as many bytes as stars in the universe – but we would never choose to count the total number of stars every day. What is much more important for companies is what the data contains. What meaning and impact does it have for businesses? What can they do with it? That is the decisive question – and hotly discussed at CeBIT 2014.



Big Data in Europe: Evolution AND Revolution

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Users decide nothing – Big Data does it for them!
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Big Data is protecting you
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Big Data can do great things for your business
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Big Data takes the anguish out of online shopping
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