CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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Buy your Exhibition Ticket for CeBIT 2017 (20 - 24 March) in advance through our ticket store here by the beginning of November.

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  Advance sale On-site
Full-Event Ticket 56 EUR 61 EUR
Day Ticket reduced admission - 26 EUR

All prices include VAT

Terms of Use


  • Full-Event Ticket: Valid for admission to the event as of 9.00 a.m. on every day.
  • Day Tickets reduced admission are available for pupils, students and apprentices. They can only be purchased on site against presentation of a valid ID.
  • By presenting a pass for disabled persons you only have to pay the price for a day ticket reduced admission. If an escort is needed and is noted in the pass the escort is granted free access

Admission of children
20 - 24 March 2017: No entry for children under 16.Valid ID must be shown!

Leading of dogs
Dogs or other domestic animals are not allowed on the fairgrounds Hannover.

Ticket Exhibition & Conferences

Taking place on three podiums and featuring 200 high-calibre speakers, the CeBIT Global Conferences provide a comprehensive overview of the digital world.

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Day Ticket Exhibition & Conferences
Including CGC Party
n/a 260 EUR 460 EUR 660 EUR
Full-event ticket Exhibition & Conferences
Including CGC Party
260 EUR* 460 EUR 660 EUR 1,000 EUR
ROCK THE BLOG ticket 35 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 70 EUR
Red Ticket
n/a 1,990 EUR 1,990 EUR 1,990 EUR
Party ticket 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR

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Please note:

  • * Total of only 200 tickets available.
    1. Please remember to buy a ticket for the local mass transit system. Your admission ticket to event is not valid for transportation.
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