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Using the motto "discover d!conomy", selected CeBIT exhibitors will present the most thrilling showcases – making digitization tangible. Using our site map, you can keep track of the full range of digital diversity on display while having access to CeBIT highlights. You will learn about a self-driving bus, which recommends the best restaurant to its passengers. See drones that inspect transmission towers for damage. Compare the digital standards of your own company to the current benchmark. Experience this and much more. Go on a tour of discovery and experience all of the opportunities and possibilities that digitization has to offer.

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Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space Logo

Hall 6, Stand G30

Cyber security for the digital factory: Inadequate protection of the connections between production infrastructure and the Internet is a major security flaw at many companies. At CeBIT, Airbus Cyber Security is showcasing its cyber security products and services for production infrastructure connectivity.

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Asseco Solutions

Asseco Solutions Logo

Hall 5, Stand B26

What would happen if a faulty component stopped a self-driving car from stopping when it needs to? People who no longer drive themselves would probably grab the steering wheel too late – if at all. If accidents increase, litigation claims will too. This is exactly the kind of problem that the ERP specialist Asseco Solutions can help them with – providing products that help increase innovation in the automotive supply industry. The focus of these solutions is on the complete, end-to-end integration of all hardware and software components as well as the entire planning and manufacturing processes of a self-driving car. This includes automated documentation – from the carmaker’s systems through to the suppliers’ components.

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Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Dezernat Forschung

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Dezernat Forschung Logo

Hall 6, Stand B24

Tomorrow’s weather, a film today. The crossmedia application "Filmforecast" reassembles movieclips according to the weatherforecast by complex algorithm. The result are constantly changing movie mashup clips between 30-40sec. The basic idea oft the app ist to develop an algorithm that helps to find a narrative way through any big Data – stock prices or traffic data

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Bitkom Digital Office Area

Bitkom Digital Office Area Logo

Hall 3, Stand B17

The Bitkom Digital Office Index is THE benchmark for the digitalisation of office and administrative procedures within a company. At Bitkom’s stand you can find out, free of charge and in just 15 minutes, how digitalised your company is compared with similarly sized companies in the same industry. This can give you ideas and guidance in how to decide the digitalisation race for yourself.

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CAS Software

CAS Software Logo

Hall 5, Stand A38

Digital Customer Centricity – smart apps for unique customer experiences will help you to turn contacts into customers and customers into fans. The CAS Software AG has received many awards for its ingenuity, its high quality standard and its commitment to SMEs.

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Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Logo

Hall 7, Stand A14

EU H2020 Smart City Innovations: Tomorrow’s smart community (Smart City) is an essential component in tackling important topics such as climate change or limited resources via digitization. The three EU H2020 Smart City lighthouse projects with German lighthouse cities: Grow Smarter (Cologne), Smarter Together (Munich), mySMARTLife (Hamburg) and the H2020 project reTHINK are jointly presenting their innovation potential in topics involving mobility, energy and participation, encompassed by a new disruptive communication infrastructure.

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Deutsches Forschungszentrum DFKI

Deutsches Forschungszentrum DFKI Logo

Hall 6, Stand B48

DFKI research scientists are presenting new forms of Human-Robot-Collaboration and Mixed Reality Production based on the latest advances in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and lightweight, adjustable and trainable robots. DFKI has set up a multiple site application of Human-Robot-Collaboration (German: MRK4.0) between the exhibit stands of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and DFKI.

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e.GO Mobile

e.GO Mobile Logo

Hall 5, Stand C38

Making electric cars affordable: The European 4.0 Transformation Center on RWTH Aachen Campus and its technology partners PTC, PSI, exceet, justSelling, as well as e.GO, show their digital value chain for the e.GO Life electric car.

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Epson Europe

Epson Europe Logo

Hall 3, Stand D17

PaperLab is the world’s first compact office papermaking system capable of producing new paper from securely shredded waste paper with minimal use of water. This is the world's first paper production system to use a dry process. The system can use ordinary A3- and A4-sized copy paper as raw material. A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.

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Eurotech Logo

Hall 12, Stand C62 (D61)

Today M2M / IoT solutions, based on open and industry standards, are already dramatically changing and improving the way existing business processes are being enhanced. There has also been a breakthrough in the way that new business models are implemented, they are effectively leveraging vital data coming from local and remote assets and sources. Eurotech, with their partners, will demonstrate this at the M2M / IoT Pavilion in Hall 12.

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GEDYS IntraWare

GEDYS IntraWare Logo

Hall 5, Stand A37

Application Designer & Framework unlimited: Business App is a new, clearly structured framework that allows business applications to be built in the shortest possible time. Companies create complex and modern web applications very quick and in a short period of time.

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Green City Projekt (Adaptive City Mobility)

Green City Projekt (Adaptive City Mobility) Logo

Hall 6, Stand C40

New paths for competitive electric mobility: ACM will present the entirely developed CITY eTAXI at the booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The launch of the newly developed vehicle type positions the CITY eTAXI as a counter-approach to today's developments in the automotive sector. Opposing the trend of building bigger and faster vehicles similar to, for example, SUVs, which are oversized for inner city areas, ACM has developed a simple electric vehicle with four wheels for urban areas which can be used not only as a city centre eTAXI, but other commercial purposes such as eSHARING, eLOGISTICS, and eTOURISM.

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Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies Logo

Hall 2, Stand C30

Leading New ICT, The Road To Digital Transformation - Huawei and partners will exhibit innovative ICT products and solutions in fields and also will share best practices for smart cities, finance, smart grids, transportation, and manufacturing. .

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IBM Deutschland

IBM Deutschland Logo

Hall 2, Stand A10

Showcase 1: Autonomous Transportation of the Future. At CeBIT, IBM presents visionary technologies which through their use and application, simplify and enhance the work and life of companies and users alike. With Olli, IBM presents the future of autonomous driving and passenger transportation.
Showcase 2: Drones in Street Operations. At CeBIT, IBM presents visionary technologies which through their use and application, simplify and enhance the work and life of companies and users alike. The drones showcase demonstrates, how through interaction of real-time data and the Watson IoT platform e.g. city traffic can be better monitored and made safer.

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indevis IT - Consulting and Solutions

indevis IT - Consulting and Solutions Logo

Hall 6, Stand F16

A hacking maneuver with two teams represents the most advanced method of performing intrusion and penetration testing today. During three daily live hacking sessions (11:00 am, 13:00 pm, 15:00 pm) there will be demonstrated attack and defense on a company network. The Red team takes on the role of the hackers and excutes common attack scenarios on one monitor. On the second monitor, the Blue team reacts to these attacks and demonstrates possibilities of digital self defense.

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Intel Logo

Hall 2, Stand B30

Automated Driving Multi-Media Experience Car – Connectivity – Cloud. Discover how Intel is accelerating automated driving solutions in this multi-media experiential demonstration. Three displays surrounding a BMW* i8 will take attendees through key aspects of Intel’s scalable platform that spans from car to cloud: in-vehicle computing, Connectivity/5G, and cloud data centers. Then get immersive – put on a Microsoft* HoloLens headset and take an augmented reality trip deeper into the experience, both outside and inside the BMW i8.

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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe Logo

Hall 3, Stand H17

Konica Minolta will demonstrate solutions and inventive approaches for the demands of the digital workplace and the digital transformation of business. In our "Workplace of the Future" area, we give you insights into how work routines will shape up in the future, and in which way working environments might be designed and managed. Based on different use cases, we present creative applications, some of which are already available while others are still under development.

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Hall 7, Stand A28-6

Due to the European directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement and the German e-invoicing law, dated December 2016, German contracting authorities have to accept and process e-invoices starting November 2018. On their stand the three e-government experts MACH, Materna and the Bundesdruckerei present their vision for a fully integrated platform for the purchase to pay process. Visitors can inform themselves about the vision as well as the solutions which are already in use on stand "Digital Government" in Hall 7.

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n-komm Logo

Hall 7, Stand A28/3

The ELO eFile – One-stop shop for file management and transaction processing: Anyone with the job of processing files and transactions requires a system that offers fast and easy steps and which provides the opportunity to quickly establish the current processing stage and be alerted when new documents are created or existing ones changed. The ELO eFile offers mechanisms which provide the ideal support to people who process files.

See showcase Germany Germany Logo

Hall 9, Stand A01

Showcase Birkenstock – Trailblazer in Retail: Birkenstock, as a global brand with high awareness is not only having online retail high up their agenda but rather is focussing on customer care and loyality. With digital retail the roll-out of their online store in several international markets within an extremely short time period. Experience the Birkenstock journey in Salesforce hall 9.

Showcase FC Schalke 04 – Trailblazer in Football: To serve the ever growing demand of fans, customers and sponsors Schalke 04 has decided to blaze new trails when it comes to the fan experience. We showcase a 1:1 fan journey around game day: before, during and after.
Furthermore you get the chance to beat our Robokeeper from the penalty spot.
See the individual fan experience of Schalke 04 in Salesforce hall 9.

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Software AG

Software AG Logo

Hall 4, Stand C11

At CeBIT 2017 Bosch Software Innovations and Software AG are presenting new opportunities in data analysis for the Internet of Things (IoT). The new Track & Analyze cloud service, which the two companies developed in a technology partnership, enables IoT solution providers to use what are known as geospatial analytics functions to detect typical motion patterns of their connected devices and use this information to optimize their products and services.

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Telefónica Germany

Telefónica Germany Logo

Hall 12, Stand D49

Telefónica Smart Cooler is an example how to enable existing things (e.g. a standard cooler) for IoT in a cost-effective and secure way. Its cloud platform analyses both existing and additional sensor data almost in real-time. Companies can benefit from various effects: increased operational efficiency through optimized maintenance processes, superior productivity as well as dynamic marketing insights based on real-time reports.

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Tickaroo Logo

Hall 11, Stand B40/3

New opportunities for sports clubs, teams, associations, and media companies: Tickaroo offers an automated, complete solution for the live-reporting of sporting events. With the combination of a modern camera system and a custom tablet software, Tickaroo On.Air makes the simple yet high quality production of sports livestreams possible. Now anyone can easily use a tablet for their live coverage needs. At the CeBIT 2017, Tickaroo will present this solution live for anyone to try out.

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Urban Software Institute

Urban Software Institute Logo

Hall 7, Stand A14

On CeBIT 2017 represeantative of the SMART CITY Forum present in a jont booth together with their business and research partners. They are showcasing innovative solutions and projects on the topic of smart cities.

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Vodafone Logo

Pavilion 32

The future of Automotive - Experience autonomous driving in the Vodafone network: On average, Germans spend 3 years behind the steering wheel. He spends more time inside the car than for training or reading. In 15 years, 25 percent of all new vehicles will drive fully autonomous according to a KPMG study. Lane assistance systems and automated parking are just the beginning. Autonomous driving lets us turn cars into new realities of living and working.

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